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Radian 223

Posted 24 Sep 2019 at 07:20

Hi. Has anyone had the radian 223 treatment. Is it worth it? Side effects you experienced? Chemo no longer working so been offered this. 

Thank you 

Posted 24 Sep 2019 at 21:18

Quite a few members here have had it or are still having it - here are some of the relevant posts & threads https://community.prostatecanceruk.org/search?search=radium+223&advanced=false 

It can produce good results for some men, certainly in terms of reducing pain.

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Posted 24 Sep 2019 at 21:32

Luckily at present my father in law is not suffering pain but psa gone from 33 pre chemo to 185 now. We need to wait ct scan before start radian so will see what if any progression since may. Such a minefield plus don’t know what next option is after radion or instead of 🤔

Posted 24 Sep 2019 at 22:31


Good luck with the radium 223, my dad has had one injection so far. 


He was offered this due to bone mets.   The side effects are minimal but it has reduced his red blood cells so he anaemic and picked up an infection due to reduced white cells.  


Good luck

Posted 25 Sep 2019 at 06:51

Thank you. That’s the worry re infections and he’s exhausted at the minute due to effects of the chemo. Hopefully he will pick up a bit having a break from treatment till they decide he can have radian. 

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