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well that was a bombshell

Posted 07 Oct 2019 at 13:31

so, where do i start i am a 60 year old man, who for the past 3 years was having seroius back ache and the doctors told me i had sciatica. i then started to join the dots due to other male related health issues, went back to the doctors had a DRE and PSA test (13.30 present 0.38). thats when my life changed, now all the tests and scans are complete. i have now confirmed Metastatic Prostate cancer in my pelvis and local lymph nodes (T4-N1-M1. Gleason 9) and just as a bonus i have another primary Bladder cancer G2PT1.

i have come to terms with these and i am coping well with my life, still working and cycling when i can to keep my fitness up, i satarted Androgen Hormone therapy 3 months ago and am just going through Radiothrapy once per week for six weeks. Then i will start a BCG infusion thrapy formy baldder.

so i am now starting to feel quite tired with this treatment, just putting it out there if anyone has similar ? and how they cope

Posted 07 Oct 2019 at 13:56
Fatigue, breathlessness and muscle loss are known side effects of hormone treatment - so exercise at the same level you are used to doing can become more tiring because your muscles have to work harder. Radiotherapy can also cause fatigue, particularly from half way through the programme until a couple of weeks after it finishes. So yes, what you are experiencing is very common.

Continuing to exercise as much as you feel able, but perhaps at a slightly slower pace or with more breaks, taking an afternoon nap if needed (close your office door and rest your head on the desk for a while if necessary), making adjustments to the regime if your joints are suffering, low impact exercise such as swimming, etc.

PCUK ran a project on managing fatigue during HT a while back - you could call them on the number at the top of this page to get some ideas of what might help.

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