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Making that first step

Posted 14 Oct 2019 at 10:32

Its been a year since my husband died from this cancer. We knew several years before that it was treatable not curable. 

As the disease progressed, my husband was offered palliative chemotherapy which resulted in him becoming very poorly but he was very determined and brave throughout the regime.

i would advise that anyone at this stage either from prostate or any other cancer pays a visit to their local hospice to actually find out the link and support offered.

whilst Ian became very ill and was diagnosed as having tumours on the brain which apparently is quite rare as a secondary cancer from prostate , we discussed the options for his final treatment. I was not in a position to have him at home but the hospital offered a fast track system to go into a care home. The home was lovely but not ideal as the nursing care was not evident.

im actually a volunteer at the hospice but was not able to fast track him into the loving care of the hospice. He spent just a couple of days in the hospice.

 My point is that if you visit then discuss the future plans you establish a link I.e. you’re in the system. Either if you want support at home or admission to the hospice it should be smooth. It’s just taking the first step to seek help and support.



Posted 14 Oct 2019 at 17:15


Interesting information.   It seems strange that you couldn't get him into the hospice earlier if you're a volunteer there and he was presumably in the system.

I've often wondered how some people get in and others don't.  My mother and her sister both donated to a local hospice for a long time via their listed raffle but both of them ended up in hospital and there was no mention of hospices.   

Although to be honest I have the feeling that if you go into a hospice you know the end game whereas I have a tendency to be in denial so I never feel perturbed about it.

I hope you're keeping well.  

Posted 14 Oct 2019 at 23:21
As with so many things concerning cancer, much can depend on where you live.
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