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And the results are in....keep the faith

Posted 16 Oct 2019 at 14:02

so after 7 weeks of worry, being told from the DRE that hubby had a 40-60% chance of cancer, an mpMRI giving a PIRAD score of 5 and resigning ourselves to the inevitable, a further bone scan and a 19 sample biopsy have come back CLEAR!!! We are now told that he is likely to have prostitis and will be given antibiotics and a follow up in 6 months.

I can't tell you how relieved we are. For those of you new on here going through diagnosis - try and keep as calm as you can until you know for sure. We tried our best to do this (not always with total success!) - whilst may will sadly be diagnosed with cancer - some of you WILL NOT.

I will continue to be part of this wonderful forum as it has been a great source of support and comfort and I than all of you who engaged with my posts.

Good luck to everyone. xx

Posted 16 Oct 2019 at 16:01

Fantastic news for you both. I think I would be giving some feedback to the silly nurse who called him and told him it was definitely cancer, though :-(

"so after having an mpMRI hubby had a call from a nurse (not his consultant as promised) where she advised he definitely has cancer and they are booking him for a bone scan. He was at work and a bit broadsided so did not ask questions. She mentioned a scale of 1 to 6 and he is 5. He had not had a biopsy yet so I cannot imagine this was his Gleeson scale? His biopsy is not the day after we return from Mexico.

i have to say the duty of care to his emotional state had been appalling."

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 16 Oct 2019 at 16:07

I agree - and friend have said the same. The whole journey could have been better if the medical profession was more sensitive in the messaging. Having said that we are just so relieved (in fact cannot quite believe it!) that we just want to put it behind us. We await the confirmation of next steps at which pint I think we will give feedback (for what its worth) in the hope that others may not be given the same treatment.

Posted 08 Nov 2019 at 09:04

Oh so,so very happy for you both, you must be overwhelmed with joy, I am sending you both a big fat hug!

. We have been told Colin, and apparently  has T2 prostate cancer and the biopsies were done 12 days ago the consultants are having a meeting to discuss what type of treatment he should have this morning, but we need to know now! I spoke to the urology department a few days ago and she said to ring back on Monday, but there wouldn't be a free appointment for 3 weeks,, but I really need to know now, his PSA was 12, I know it is contained in one side of the Prostate, so I just want the biopsy results, methinks I may turn into a pest. I have severe anxiety problems and waiting is something I am not very good at. We are due to go away for a month in two weeks time, and we really need that. 

We just seem to be surrounded by cancer. My ex husband, the father of my adult children is in his final days, he has a rare form of blood and bone cancer and my children are distraught, and 2 of my daughters have father in laws with lung cancer. We look after my elderly narcissistic  father who has dementia and had 5 strokes, 1 broken hip and a heart attack, he lives an hour away from us and has carers, and my 96 year old mother in law has alzheimers. Dad had stomach cancer 55 years ago and survived despite losing two thirds of his stomach, part of his pancreas and part of his spleen, and my fabulous mu died age 51 from breast cancer. It is all just too much.

Posted 10 Nov 2019 at 10:24
If he has T2 cancer, that means it's localised and treatment will be given with curative intent. Treatment outcomes for T2 prostate cancer are very good. Colin is extremely unlikely to die from it, so don't think of it as a death sentence - it isn't one. Go away and enjoy your holiday and then get the treatment done. Prostate cancer is normally very slow-growing and a month's delay in treatment will make no difference.

Best wishes,


Posted 10 Nov 2019 at 10:52

I say be a "pest" - you'll feel better for it and it will keep the MDT team on their toes! 



Posted 10 Nov 2019 at 12:28

Such wonderful news!

I am in exactly your situation and we are due to get the biopsy results tomorrow!

very worried, I kinda convinced myself that it’s not good news! In my mind, I have been going through all sorts of “scenarios” on how I/we will take the news, how we are not telling the kids, how we have to work .... doing all I can to distract myself but it is hard!


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