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Prostap and its side effects then my Brachytherapy experience.

Posted 30 Oct 2019 at 10:47

Diagnosed in February I am a 64 year old married man with intermediate prostate cancer I decided on surgery but this was not possible due to previous adominal operations in the 1970's.

Started the Prostap hormone therapy treatment in March and no noticeable side effects until a poorly injected Prostap into the stomach became red and sore.

Since then every possible side effect is affecting me from extreme tiredness and weight gain to genitalia reduction and breast growth.

I am so weak that I have taken time off my mainly physical job and can't even mow the lawn or cut the hedge without being totally exhausted afterwards.

I do have some other medical issues which may add to my physical condition but previous to the hormone treatment they were manageable.

On Monday I went for my HD bracatherapy and found the whole experience overwhelming it really is like being on a conveyor belt.

Arrived at 7.30am and taken to a two room modern suite and unpacked everything only to be told 10 minutes later I would be moving on to a general ward.

In the move I managed to lose my coat with my wallet and keys in it so there was a general panic on the ward with everyone including the consultant searching for it. It was found eventually folded and tucked underneath a cupboard in the suite.

I was under the impression that the brachytherapy would be carried out quite soon having been fasting since the day before and been prepared for the procedure with the enema already carried out at 8.30am.

The guy in the next bed to me was also having bracatherapy and was taken down just after 9.00am.

I asked the nurse how long would it be before my procedure, she said I was next on the list and it shouldn't be too long.

At 12.00pm I was still waiting and they began serving lunch on the ward which was torture for a very hungry man, mercifully  a few  minutes the nurse said they were ready for me in theatre.

After the procedure I returned to the ward not feeling too bad and even managed something to eat.

I didn't have a good night firstly nausea and sickness then low blood pressure resulting in cold shivers followed by a high temperature and high blood pressure with hot sweats and then a heart arrythmia.

As a result the nurse said she needed to take blood which took 20 minutes because of the lack of suitable veins, I was also visited by a doctor at 2am who examined me.

I was given medication which settled my condition and I even managed to get a few hours sleep before routine testing began at 6.00am and after my catheter bag  was checked having shown no traces of blood in my urine at any time my catheter was removed.

Back home now feeling tired and sore in the nether regions  otherwise not too bad, CT planning scan next week followed by three weeks of radiotherapy.









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Posted 31 Oct 2019 at 11:55

Sorry for your experiences Allan, mine were totally the opposite.

I was 58 when diagnosed, no symptoms but showed PSA 14 on a blood test for kidney function. Biopsy came back 70% positive, 100% in left lobe 30% in right. Initial stage reported as T4, but after second scan changed to T3a (thank god or whoever would listen). 

I was recommended by my original Oncologist at Gloucester to consider other options rather than surgery if I wanted a quality of life after the operation as the cancer was very extensive in the prostate and no nerve sparing would be possible and the bladder sphincter may also be involved. I am glad I took his word and looked a different solution.

I can only say all the consultants I met and/or talked to from Gloucester and several other hospitals were incredible helpful and very honest in their views without trying to "sell" any particular treatment options. My treatment was undertaken at the BHOC in Bristol and they were superb thoughout. 

I had 6 months ADT HT, followed by HDR brachytherapy then after two weeks I had daily EBRT for 26 doses.

I arrived at 6.30am having already taken enema etc., After an examination and discussion with the consultant I was in theater by 8.00am.

Spinal epidural and needle placement took about 2 hours then wheeled out into recovery. 1 hour later taken up a floor to where radiation was to be administered. This took about an hour, before needles were withdrawn, this was only slightly painful bit as no anesthetic was possible.

I was on the recovery ward by 2.00pm and hooked up to catheter to flush out residual radiation. Had a blockage caused by blood clots a couple of times during night but otherwise no problems.

Discharged 9.30am following morning after removal of catheter and being able to empty bladder on my own. Wife collected me and I was home by 12.00pm.

It took 2.5 years but now 3 years post treatment my PSA is >0.1 for the second six monthly check in a row, I feel fit and fine, just get a bit tired late in the afternoon and I have some minor bladder/bowel issues, but so far it has been a great success. My doctor, consultant and the whole team at the BHOC in Bristol have all been amazing and I can't thank them enough.

I can only go by my treatment experience but it was almost totally painless, one night in hospital, I was up and about almost totally pain free 24 hours after being discharged and back to work 3 days later. I took paracetamol for about a week for the bruising, that's it.

In the 3 years since treatment I have had prostatitis a couple of times, I still get tired in the afternoons/evenings but that's probably old age, and I have had some minor issues caused by the raditation, but considering the alternatives I am incredibly grateful. 


I hope your experience only gets better and your recovery is as successful as mine has been.



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