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Struggling with sitting

Posted 17 Nov 2019 at 19:56

Hi all I’m now six months post Rp I’ve posted a few times on here I live on my own so this is my only outreach so forgive me if I’m rambling a bit just an update to my sitting problem still can’t sit down on hard seats straight I had an mri recently to check why and was  all clear ,flow test all clear , 2nd 5 month psa still undetectable and I’m down to one small pad a day I don’t leak at all much now so all going well there

now my consultant has referred to a pain team ! Just a thought I did have lymph nodes removed when I had my robotic surgery could this cause the sitting problem ? With fluid retention? Nothing in my legs or anything just in the base of my bum as it’s all still quite swollen inside I have good days and bad days walking helps but sometimes I get a burning pain in my old boy I’ve been swabbed and dipped so so infection could it still all be nerves screaming and confused a bit like me tbh as it’s now impacting my quality of life on a day to day basis .... any help or advice would be gratefully received  



Thanks james



Posted 17 Nov 2019 at 21:47
The pain team are the best people to answer your questions, James. You mention fluid retention - are you still quite swollen? Has the surgeon said anything about that? Lyphodema is a well known side effect of having lymph nodes removed and while it can be a serious issue, it doesn't usually cause pain. As you say, possibly the nerve endings are still jangling or some more serious nerve damage has been done, or you have perhaps developed adhesions / scar tissue.

I hope the appointment comes through quickly for you.

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Posted 18 Nov 2019 at 11:53

Hi Lynn 

ive been referred to the pain team it’s all very swollen down there and sitting straight in any chair is uncomfortable 

bladder control is back to near normal but when I sit it crushes everything and I get burning deferred pain in my uretha at the end of my chap in the evening always at the end of the day strangely on a separate note I have the added complaction of an internal hemmeroid on the right hand side too which tbh is adding to the tenderness 


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