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Owise-Prostate Cancer Workshop

Posted 27 Nov 2019 at 11:02

Our apologies that the notification is so short but we only received this today.

Please contact Owise direct if you are interested - details at the end of the post.


Location: 201 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1JA. (Nearest station: Borough)
Call Natalya on 07805605161 if there are any difficulties finding the venue.
Date/Time: 28 November 2019 / 10am-12:30pm

Topic: Introduction workshop to help with the development of the mobile patient support
app and website - OWise prostate cancer

Initially developed for breast cancer patients, the team of OWise (O stands for Onco) is now
developing the OWise mobile app (and website) for people affected by prostate cancer.
The OWise app provides users with a suite of tools to support them
from the moment of diagnosis throughout their treatment and
thereafter. The team has been awarded a grant to give prostate
cancer patients more insight and control during and after their
treatment using the OWise app (see this website for more

At the Focus Group Meeting, we’ll give you an overview and insight
in what we do and why we have developed OWise thus far.

We are keen to understand what type of help and support you may want to receive and how a mobile
app or website could help you.During this workshop would like feedback on several issues, including:
How the group uses phones / computers.How people are currently dealing with their situation from the moment of diagnosis throughout their treatment, including dealing and reporting on side-effects
How a mobile app or a website could support people affected by prostate cancer
How the group would like to record and share treatment data, such as side-effects to
treatments with their clinicians and the hospital

We have room for 4-6 individuals and very much look forward to meeting you on 28th November

For information on how OWise supports breast cancer patients please visit our website
www.owise.uk or watch this short video.
If you would like to attend natalya@pxhealthcare.com to register or call Natalya at
07805 605161. 


Peer Support Manager

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