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bone mestasis

Posted 08 Dec 2019 at 20:25

hi dad had a ct scan for aneamia and they found a sclerotic bone lesion on his hip he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer two and half years ago had hormones for 2 years and off for 5 months his last psa five months ago was 0.01 so excellent but not to repeated for a year they referred back to oncology and has app 14 jan hes is so worried he lost his younger brother just over a year ago to prostrate cancer and it was not an easy death as so was his dad who died of the same disease we were told by consultant that even if the radiatherapy hadnt worked it would take years to be life threatning but reading personal stories on here this may not be the case.  He had stage 3 cancer psa 45 gleason 7 his biopsy were all positive all around the prostrate but it hadnt spread any advice i would be grateful for thank.

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