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Bump and Glitches

Posted 14 Dec 2019 at 19:15



My normal reply to a zero answer post is "Can't help with your questions, but just bumping you back up the posts, new posts sometimes get "lost"."


With your post I copied Lyn's shortened answer "bump" 



Moderators / programmers.


Once I have logged in, I go to recent conversations, leave the default " since last visit" in the drop down box. As with the new conversation from Luis it was not visible and was not visible on my previous visit.   I frequently go to the " Last day or last week" option to pick up new conversations that get "lost" while awaiting moderation. It is obviously down to the time stamp on the new conversation being used rather than the time the moderators release the new conversation. 


Another glitch in the system is also related to previous conversations. Go into recent conversations and select  "last month" it will show a list of recent conversations going back a few days and below are a few black boxes with 1 and 2 etc in the boxes, these presumably should be additional pages. When selected the screen is refreshed but it still only shows conversations as before, i.e. it only shows the same last few days conversations.  This happens with an Android phone and a win 7 PC.


The search for members also has an issue, if the number of posts is left at 0 and the option " is more or equal"  it will  not find a member even if a full name is in entered in the "member name contains" box.    I assume 1 post is more than 0. If the number of posts is changed to 1 it will then find the searched for member. 


When trying to post some of the content above I got an access denied message and lost the post.


Despite the glitches this is still a great site.


Thanks Chris 1915





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