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Post radical prostatectomy- PSA 0.3- post operative

Posted 07 Jan 2020 at 20:55


I’m a little confused. my dad has radical prostectomy in November and today received his results from the doctor. They have told him that the surgery was bit more difficult than anticipated and they believe a little bit may have been left there between the prostate and bladder. PSA level is slightly higher than they wanted at 0.03 (or 0.03 sorry I’m not sure certainly).

has anyone ever been through a similar situation? He has to have another PSA mid February and then possibly radiotherapy if it has not improved?


bit scared for him. Many thanks.




Posted 07 Jan 2020 at 23:17
Hi if it’s 0.03 then that level of PSA is pretty normal following RP
If the PSA is 0.3 then that is high following RP and would warrant further discussion with the consultant

Perhaps ask for a copy of the letter following the consultation for clarity

Posted 08 Jan 2020 at 05:48
You have said 0.3 in the title and then 0.03 in the actual post - the difference is significant.

If his PSA really is 0.03 then it may be that they are considering radiotherapy because of the pathology report from the hospital and not because of the PSA. If you put 'recurrence' or 'salvage RT' in the search box you will find hundreds of posts from those of us that have been in your situation; it is quite common for the op not to completely eradicate the cancer.
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