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my post polio and treatment

Posted 22 Jan 2020 at 13:50

I am facing the appointment to discuss my template biopsy under local results which were  reported PI-RAD4 from the MRI even though my PSA was 4.1 and 3.6 on retest/. The identified lesions of suspicion were on left peripheral zone with two suspicious lesions of 11mm and 5 mm. One lesion on the superior base and one  in the anterograde lateral mid gland. 

I am pretty sure given that these are in the peripheral zone that they are almost certainly cancer. Whilst i had both an ultrasound which they said was normal, and the MRI I am hoping that this is not spread. However i want to take in the choices and ask the right questions today. I am 69 and had polio and lots of muscle loss lardy and use a breathing machine to help me 12 hours a day. However I could not for instance exercise to help with muscle and weight loss when under treatment and would not regain post treatment. 

So, always hard to teach doctors areas they don't understand! I have lots of experience of this. So whats the side effects short and longer of Da Vinci prostatectomy and has anyone had it under spinal block?  My breathing  is such that GA is not recommended indeed 20 years ago i had an appendectomy under a spinal and i am now older.

My concerns are recovery and post op issues as i need care anyway to dress etc. I am a health professional so i am pretty familiar with being able to talk these things through, but obviously when its yourself anxiety and fear get in the way a bit! 

Of course this all assumes that the lesions are such that a prostatectomy is an option and in right place. I haven't had a PET scan but maybe thats me being a little paranoid! The other issue is of course second opinions and outcomes for various surgeons, facilities and even countries!






Posted 22 Jan 2020 at 16:49
If you are indeed diagnosed with prostate cancer, ask for a referral to oncology - brachytherapy or mono IG radiotherapy (without hormones) may be the best option in your circumstances.

The main issue with Da Vinci / key hole RP is that the table is tilted so that you are head down, so is not suitable for people with heart problems and may not be possible awake .... but you can ask the surgeon for advice. You may be more likely to get open RP with a spinal block - it is slightly quicker than Da Vinci and the patient isn't tipped head down.

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