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Time Is Here

Posted 29 Jan 2020 at 11:47

My husband was admitted to in-patient hospice this evening. No one can say how long he has at this point. He has a blood condition called DIC that is caused by the cancer. It has to do with very low platelets. Because of that, he will likely die of an acute internal bleeding event. That part scares the hell out of me. While I thought that we have been preparing for this for six years, I realize now that nothing could prepare me for the emotions of this step. It honestly feels like he is on death row. He is so cognizant that he is going to die within 24 hours to a week and it is just too surreal. It feels like we got here so quickly. It feels as though someone is playing a very bad joke. I am numb. Is anyone familiar with DIC and can provide insight?

Posted 30 Jan 2020 at 03:00

I don’t have any information for the blood condition, But am so sorry that ya’ll are having to go through this together. 


edit: I don’t mean together, I mean having to go through it at all. It’s definitely hard emotionally and physically.

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Posted 03 Feb 2020 at 22:13

I can empathise with how you are feeling.   
I feel the same very numb, almost like in a bad nightmare.  My dad was told 15 days -3 months and it really is hard to deal with. 


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