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vacuum pumps?

Posted 27 Feb 2020 at 17:03

Hi, Been told that the use of a vacuum pump can help with erection and keep my penis 'alive'?

Just wondered if anyone has experience of using one ie and y good,easy to use,what type etc?


Posted 27 Feb 2020 at 23:06

Hi, there are loads of threads on here about a) how essential a vacuum pump is to penile health and b) the best strategies / methods for successful use of the vacuum.


Have you been referred to an ED nurse or andrology clinic? In some areas, it is the GP who has to make that referral and in other areas it is the consultant or urology nurse. There are a few areas where there is no ED service though.

In most areas, you are entitled to a vacuum pump on the NHS if you have prostate cancer or you have ED because of prostate cancer treatment. But again, there are a small number of areas where they refuse to fund a pump in which case you might need to buy your own.

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Posted 28 Feb 2020 at 11:39

I didn't want any treatment as it seemed to be getting continually better and I only tried the tablets a couple of times and didn't like the side effects.  After nearly 3yrs I decided to see if it could do any better.  So I bought a pump from Love Honey that cost £30.  It didn't include rings or lubricant. It's well made and arrived quickly in a plain box.

I watched videos on YouTube on how to use it and the manufacturer does videos.

After a couple of uses it made quite a difference almost as if it was waiting for something to stretch it.  I now have a much larger and even erection.   But it doesn't self start and I need to be positioned largely vertical for it to stay. That's where rings would be useful.  Otherwise it does nothing.  When I'm standing up it's quite impressive even though I say so myself.

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