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Posted 28 May 2020 at 08:27

I wonder if anybody else out there has used the hypopressives technique? Basically it's a way, using special breathing exercises with a set of postures to build up the strength and tone of the core muscles. These are the pelvic floor muscles along with abdominal, back and chest muscles. The aim is to take away the strain placed on the lower abdomen, bladder and pelvis, by enhancing the vacuum effect inside the body and allowing the pelvic floor muscles to work more effectively.

At 5 months post-robotic I felt the improvement in my incontinence was slowing down, so I signed on for an 8-week course of hypopressive training online, and I feel sure it has made a very significant difference. That may be because I've had to shell out some £££, but, hey, if it works! It has involved two 10-minute exercise sessions each day, with a once-a-week Skype session with the trainer who checks your technique and gives loads of encouragement.

It's a technique which has been a standard part of post-prostatectomy rehab in a number of countries, but the good old NHS drags its heels at such things. One day......

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