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Posted 19 Jul 2020 at 09:39

Iam a runner who normal trains most days,sometimes twice a day-running ,gym,stretching,yoga.

I had my radical prostatectomy last Thursday 16th July.

Walking seems to be the only exercise Iam allowed to do.

I know I cant run for 6-8 weeks but would like to hear from anyone else in similar situation who has any other suggestions for exercising.


Posted 19 Jul 2020 at 15:01

Similar to yourself had a RP with similar question. I had a high volume surgeon at marsden do the job, his advice was focused on resuming kegel/pelvic floor exercises once the catheter was removed (But definitely NOT before removal). He suggested Walking was the best exercise for the first 6 weeks and then slowly resume gentle jogging. The secret to a successful result, is protecting the stitching used to rejoin the urethra. I waited 2 months before starting to have proper runs - that was almost 2 years ago and I am running 40 miles a week and no stress leakage. So the key word - patience, listen to your body.

Posted 20 Jul 2020 at 09:51

I've got 4 days to go before 6 weeks are up and I can sit on my bike again. Instructions vary considerably. Mine say no vigorous exercise or heavy lifting (hernia risk) for 4 weeks, no cycling or horseriding for 6 weeks. 

I've officially had enough of walking, but it's a heck of a lot better than not doing anything. Building up very gradually from 200 yards of "catheter bag shuffle" to 4+ miles over the first 4 weeks.

I tried a long walk with a few 1 minute 'run' intervals on day 29. That made my calf muscles ache like hell for a week, but I don't run, I cycle. It further reinforced my natural "I don't like running" bias and I haven't repeated it. But it was a useful stress test of the waterworks, which, happily passed (the test, not the fluid 😂).

Tried a few gentle ab crunches. There's a pelvic floor exercise involving doing a gentle 'sit-up' that's pretty good if your wounds have healed sufficiently.
Pretty good demonstration video here https://youtu.be/QHwVglPQR_w 

Other than that, I did a few gentle split squats, just to see how the body copes. I think the key is, when stretching your boundaries, not to go mad. Try a little bit and see how it feels tomorrow. I'd stay away from the weights though. Hernia doesn't sound very funny at all. 

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Two cannibals named Ectomy and Prost, all alone on a Desert island.

Prost was the strongest, so Prost ate Ectomy.

Posted 20 Jul 2020 at 11:16

I'm a pretty fit 57 year old and had an RP March 23rd. My advice- don't overdo it and take your time. I walked everyday after I left hospital and very gradually built things up. BUT it's a big operation and it is going to take a bit of time. I  started doing some gentle running wk 9 and added some short turbo rides wk 10. By about wk 12 was feeling pretty much back to normal (albeit a lot less fit) 

Posted 20 Jul 2020 at 12:31

Had my RARP end of November ‘19. The Prof whocannotbenamedonhere recommended super light duties and walking for first 4 weeks. Then light duties only ie carrying shopping or very light weights up to week 12. No cycling for 12 weeks. At the 12 week mark I was free to do pretty much anything. Still have pelvic floor discomfort if I sit on hard surfaces so will just let my body heal and tell me when all is good. General guidance is scar tissue tends to soften around six months but can take up to 18 months or so to fully settle. 

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