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Long and winding Road pt 2

Posted 23 Aug 2020 at 11:29

Hi All

I first posted back in June 19,half way through my treatment. Things have moved on so much in the following year.

One thing I have noticed is that there are very few people who have the same Diagnosis ,treatment and outcome also we are all different,so this is my long and winding road.

Well I was first diagnosed back in January 19 with a Gleason score of 7(3+4) and a PSA of 75.The biopsy confirmed it(don't worry it's not as bad as it seems).Well All I can say is, why me at 64 and having Prostate Cancer. They were not sure if it had spread to my lymph nodes or not, so to be on the safe side I was treated as if it had. I can't deny it knocked me for six.

Things moved very quickly for me and I cannot fault the NHS for their quick response.Started HT a couple days after diagnosis every 3 months.My Chemo started in Apr 19 and completed my course end of July 19 (6 sessions).The cold cap worked for me and didn't lose a hair from my head but for the rest of it, well you get the picture. Chemo is something you get used to after the first session (the worse for me) I knew what was coming.Well not everything. It wasn't until the end of the Chemo did I realise what other side affects there would be but I have to admit that for me it wasn't anything that bad.

By this time my PSA had drop to .77.I think this is more down to the HT than the Chemo. Testosterone I can't live with it but I can live without it.

After my Chemo came the R/T. It was 6 months before I started my R/T, that 6 months was an eternity, it felt like I was in no mans land.I was beginning  to think that I had been forgotten about.The first thing was having the markers inserted. It seemed like it was never going to happen.My one big worry was collateral damage, all I can say is in my case there was no need to worry.Well on the 2nd Jan 20 my R/T started. I had 37 sessions.When I was first told how many session I was to have, I thought OMG it's worse than I thought. I guess the worse part about the R/T was finding somewhere to park the hospital did not have a very big car park for the Oncology Dept and the other thing was bladder control and how much to drink but like I said earlier it affects different people in different ways.

Some 10 days after I finished my treatment then Covid 19 turns up.I am just so thankful that my treatment was finished. I know there must be a lot of people wondering what is going to happen next.

Well as it stands at the moment my PSA has dropped to .14, my nails have returned to normal and body hair is growing back (down to chemo)  and as it stands at the moment my only side affect is mucus when I pass wind, well I can live with that. I have another year on HRT then who knows. I know I'm living with cancer and I never believe it will go away completely but I'm feeling so much better in myself. As for the future, I can't predict it but I'm feeling very optimistic about the future.

I can't fault the treatment I have had from the NHS everything has gone tickety-boo.My partner has been very supportive as it was a very difficult time and helped me a lot. Well that's how it stands at this moment in time, if anything changes I will update.If anybody has any question feel free to ask I will try and answer what I can from my experience.

Don't worry be happy 😊


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Posted 23 Aug 2020 at 13:04

Thanks for update. Here’s to your PSA staying low. 


Posted 23 Aug 2020 at 13:26

Hi John,

Good to hear how you're doing. You're not a million miles from my diagnosis (which also took ages), although I didn't quite tip the scales for chemo, but I did get pelvic lymph nodes included in the radiotherapy just in case. Good to hear you've made it through the radical treatments. Mucus farts (as my onco calls them) went after about 10 months for me, but there's enormous variation between different people.

Posted 23 Aug 2020 at 19:50

Hi Andy

Thanks for the reply.Yes everything seems to be going in the right direction.I'm just grateful my treatment finished before lockdown (10 days). How other people must be coping I just can't imagine.

Glad to hear you treatment went well and thing have return to normal.

Best wishes

Posted 24 Aug 2020 at 08:00
Glad to hear you're doing well. Perhaps worth noting, by the way, that you're on hormone therapy (HT), not hormone replacement therapy (HRT); they're very different things!

Hope things continue in the current vein or you.

Best wishes,


Posted 04 Jan 2021 at 09:12
Apart from the Chemo, which I've been lucky enough to avoid (so far), it all sounds very familiar and actually quite positive.

Just one warning about the mucus farts - mine ended up being "moderated" by a malignant anal lesion, which may or may not have been triggered by the RT (37 thereof). Keep as close an eye as you can on the "quality" of your mucus farts, I ended up having my anus and 14 lymph nodes removed!

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