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After effects 2nd op in eight weeks

Posted 01 Sep 2020 at 12:56


I had a radical robotic prostatectomy on 12/6/20 and everything was going great until 2 weeks ago when I was rushed in for acute appendicitis 

now I feel as though all the hard work I put in with pfe etc has been undone as I cannot seem to stop peeing 

over this last weekend I have acquired a uti and that doesn’t seem to have helped

just feels like rock bottom again

Posted 01 Sep 2020 at 18:33


I had numerous Urethral procedures post op and had to start over again, you have made progress once so stay positive you can do it again. Does the appendectomy affect the pelvic muscles (didn't do biology) ?

UTIs certainly make me leak like a sieve. Take care and keep going.

Thanks Chris

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