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Non bacterial prostatitis flare up

Posted 13 Sep 2020 at 23:40

Hi all,

I would really appreciate any thoughts.

I started with non bacterial prostatitis 4 years ago following heavy lifting and stretching whilst decorating. PSA 0.3 and DRE ok but sore. I get checked usually every 18months as Iost my dad due to prostate cancer and I've become paranoid about it. I didn't need to take meds as it cleared up after a few weeks and wasn't very painful.

It came back 18m ago due to lifting heavy weights (again). I had bladder scan and testicular scan, urine showed  no infection. PSA 0.3. Went away after a week or so. Again no meds.

Well it has come back with a vengeance, despite me not lifting heavy weights, following ejaculation a week ago. Ejaculation was painless but looked greenish in places. Pain came an hour later and hasn't gone. I'm now thinking its bacterial. Rectum pain is crippling. DRE was smooth but slightly enlarged. GP gave me some Tamsulosin which seems to help with peeing. Should get PSA result Thurs along with urine analysis. Went to A&E Friday but they didn't do blood test for infection as they didn't expect anything to show up as my vital signs were OK.

I'm worried about abscesses in case I actually do have an infection but I don't want to take cipro as it's FDA black boxed with horrendous side effects should you be unlucky enough to get them. Manchester NHS Trust only prescribe cipro.

I'm seeing a consultant 1st Oct to try to get ultrasound and semen analysis.

Sorry for the long first post. Apart from making me feel a bit better by writing this...is there an effective antibiotic for deep seated infection apart from those in the floxin family? And do you think green ish bits in ejaculate could indicate infection. I hadn't ejaculated in 3 weeks before then.

Thank you




Posted 14 Sep 2020 at 11:19

Green semen could be an infection, but also check any meds you are on (prescription or otherwise), as these can sometimes change the colour of body fluids.

If it is an infection in your semen, it should be easy to culture and identify. Bacterial prostatitis often doesn't present in semen because the infected areas have got blocked off, and that makes sampling and identifying it more difficult. Infection of the seminal vesicles is also a possibility, but much rarer.

If a culture is grown, the lab will report which antibiotics it is sensitive to. One problem with the prostate is that few antibiotics can actually get into it, so you already start with a very limited choice, before you start crossing off any that your particular infection is resistant to. You can certainly ask to avoid floxins (and I understand the concerns, although it is the #1 choice for oral prostate antibiotics), but you might not have a choice, or it might be that any other choice is an IV drug which has to be given over a few days in hospital.

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Posted 14 Sep 2020 at 13:01

Thanks for your response Andy. Much appreciated. I hadn't  been taking any prescription meds before this flare up - only probiotic capsules and cod liver oil.

I guess I need to be patient and wait for the PSA and urine results. I am wondering if this condition is more muscular as passing faeces seems to make the rectum pain disappear for about 30mins - finding it difficult to pass faeces though. Everyone is mentally affected by Covid and I have recently been having panic attacks. Maybe there is a link for me there.


Posted 15 Sep 2020 at 10:55

Update....PSA results back 0.4 which I'm relieved at. Urine dip test negative. Dropping another sample off at GP's today for urine culture.

Awful bout rectum pain disappeared with hot bath - I know this is well documented but honestly didn't think it would work for me.

I've stopped the Tamsulosin after 2days as the side effects began to worry me. Discomfort is back in penis but I don't need to pee all the time but flow is restricted a bit.

Prostate must be irritated. It completely disappeared after about a week for 2 weeks with great flow and no pain then reappeared after 'green' ejaculation for over a week now.

Hopefully a scan and possibly semen culture will get to the bottom of it once and for all.

I hope my symptoms listed in this thread help other new members worried about prostatitis. I'm certainly glad I joined.


Posted 10 Oct 2020 at 18:56
Is it usual for symptoms of prostatitus to ebb and flow? I've had symptoms on and off now for several months. 3 weeks ago I felt completely normal, no pain/discomfort normal flow/frequency. I thought I had turned a corner but this last month I feel I'm back to square one. Lower abdominal discomfort is back with slightly reduced flow.

Why does it keep changing so much?

Posted 11 Oct 2020 at 00:16


I'm wondering if you have done something or eaten something? So, lifted anything heavy,  moved heavy furniture about, eaten anything too spicy or consumed a lot of alcohol? Sometimes constipation can be a trigger for  me.

I recognise your username but can't remember your posts. I'll have a look.

Edit - I've re-read your posts. It could be that because you're understandibly worried - that's the reason for your flow issue. I'm always on the lookout when I pee and probably overthink it too much. I'd say it's worth getting a scan  to put your mind at rest. Problem is the current situation. My GP wouldn't send me so I've had to arrange a scan privately for Monday.


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