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Incontinence - One of the Most Feared Problems With Prostate Cancer Treatment

Posted 15 Sep 2020 at 21:21

WEBINAR: Incontinence - One of the Most Feared Problems With Prostate Cancer Treatment

Following on from the hugely successful webinar which we hosted this week with Dr Steve Allen, we are delighted to invite you to join us again on  Wednesday 30th September 7pm for what will no doubt be another insightful and relatable webinar.

Managing Incontinence - One of the Most Feared Problems With Prostate Cancer Treatment

Many men have problems with incontinence, but do not talk about it. This webinar will give a simple explanation of what may be happening and how this can be managed - as well as some practical advice and personal experience.

Steve has a firm belief that if you can understand how your body works, then you can understand more easily what can go wrong. This makes it easier to understand what may be able to help, and indeed why some treatments may not help you at all. These webinars will describe the 'medical' side of things in simple terms and draw upon his personal journey with both severe incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Pre-Register to secure your slot – places are limited!!


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Webinar Speaker

Steve Allen (@Tackle Patient Representative and Prostate Cancer UK Volunteer)

Steve is a retired doctor and at the age of 59 was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I could have been diagnosed earlier, but had studiously ignored  classic urinary symptoms for nearly 2 years. By today’s standards he has probably been over-treated.  His opinion -  to be regretful or angry about this is totally non-productive.  I am now closely involved as a volunteer with Tackle and with Prostate Cancer UK. and see working with both charities as being a symbiotic relationship and certainly not competitive.  Both have the same objectives for men and their families affected by prostate cancer. Through my work with them I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and understanding from the experiences that many people have shared with me over the past years.


Sue Boyes
Peer Support Manager

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