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PSA rise and prostatitis

Posted 01 Oct 2020 at 13:19


I was wondering if anyone had any advice.

My PSA went from 8 to 41 from February to September this year. A second test, a day later gave it as 35. Two days on from the second test I developed symptoms of prostatitis. I was prescribed a three week course of antibiotics. I had a second test done, 3 weeks later, and my PSA has dropped from 35/41 to 24.51 - so its still really high.

I no longer have the pain from the prostatitis, but I am still going to the loo all the time, despite taking alpha blockers. However, I also have BPH with a prostate volume of 109cc which would account also for this.

I had a 3T MRI done and there was no change in my prostate from the previous MRI, ( a year earlier) aside from a small 0.5cm lesion. However, I've read that 3T MRI's miss 20% of clinically significant cancer.

I have emailed my urologist and have requested a template fusion biopsy.

My question is am I worrying needlessly after the drop in my PSA?

Thanks for reading



Posted 01 Oct 2020 at 16:31
I think that no matter how many tests you have and how many rational explanations are given for your high PSA, you are still going to worry about prostate cancer. If you have the template biopsy (which is being replaced in many hospitals by another type of biopsy now that doesn't need general or spinal anaesthetic - Covid I guess) and it comes back clear, will you still worry that the cancer was in an area not biopsied?

If you are concerned about frequency, it may be that the prostate being so huge is putting pressure on the bladder and reducing the capacity OR that you need bladder retraining OR both. Have you had urodynamic tests?

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Posted 01 Oct 2020 at 16:51

Hi Lynn,

No, I definitely wouldn't worry after a template biopsy. There is needless worry and there is having a PSA of 24 which is high. All I was asking Lynn is whether my PSA should have dropped back to its original figure of 8 after a three week course of antibiotics. Consequently, as it hasn't, is this a cause for concern?

Thanks for your input


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