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Peronies Disease

Posted 08 Oct 2020 at 20:09


Not been on for a while since i mentioned the symptoms i was experiencing after using the Viridal Duo . The erections i got started out great and we had good sex.  But about a month ago the erections i got were strange and my penis was bent and short. I've since been told it's Peronies Disease and should stop using the injections which i have done. I was advised to use a penis pump but the vaxaid pump i had bought for nearly £200 just after my operation i found to be useless and used it rarely.   I have been informed by my nurse that she is writing to my doctor to prescribe a better one and that i should use it daily, i bought a cheep one for a fiver on line from Lovejoy that seams to work.  It doesn't have restrictor rings and in any case she said i should just use it for exercise until you get the better one from my doctor.  I'm really down because the injections worked and gave us a regular sex life  all be it once a fortnite which we were both happy with. Now we have no sex life and no prospect of it with the Peronies Disease.  My nurse says could take a year with daily pump excersise  and no guarantee it will get rid of it.   I've never managed to get a decent erection with the pump just a red  painfull blob! I'm no spring chicken but my nurse says she deals with men a lot older than me which gave me hope and a bit of my self esteem back.  
Any help or advice will be very welcome because I'm so down.  When i opted for the op to remove my prostrate i prepared myself for a future without sex but the reality is it's all i think about and just want a little bit of fun with my lovely understanding wife and feel like a man again which is what i had with the Viridal injections.



Posted 09 Oct 2020 at 13:58
I think maybe the issue here is that you have just relied on an injection every 2 weeks to get an election , whereas a penis needs almost daily erections and blood flow to remain healthy , elastic and straight. That’s why many men including myself are on a daily low dose tadalafil which helps with erections and keeps a healthy flow down there. And also you should have been using the pump at least every other day to engorge your penis and keep it elastic.

It’s likely you’ve developed scar tissue by not varying where you inject enough. This now causes a bend when erect. Most men who have surgery lose up to 2 inches in length over time however hard they try to keep him healthy. I think the pump will help sort the problem over time but will need to be used religiously daily. Once the problem is gone you may be able to use injections again but in different areas. Good luck

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade

Posted 09 Oct 2020 at 15:38
If the injections work there should be no reason why the pump won't. It does take a bit of practice and is excellent rehab. If your missus doesn't mind the sound of pumping and elastic bands it can work well for sex too!

Hardest part is getting s good seal without sucking your balls in. The rest is just practice!

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