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Posted 19 Oct 2020 at 11:35


I'm 44 and married, about 3 years ago I noticed a slight discomfort when I ejaculated, the pain came and went over the next few months but I thought nothing of it really. I had a vasectomy when I was 34 and I had some pain and discomfort for months after that, so I put it down to that. I still (can i admit this), and all through adult life get 'wet dreams'. These have been somewhat uncomfortable since my vasectomy, with a slight stabbing feeling as it's happening.

In the last couple of years I have had two cases of injuring a testicle, because of bending down awkwardly or getting out of a chair. Nothing long lasting, but hurted like crazy at the time and for a couple of hours after.

Back in November 2019 my symptoms really kicked in. Initially a general discomfort in my plumbing. That evolved to pain on ejaculation, and the golfball feeling between my testicles and bottom.I have never had pain on urination, or any kind of discharge. I feel like I was urinating more though.

I Went to doctors, had an exam and bloods and urine taken. I Sent off a sperm sample too. All came back negative/normal. Doctor put me on Ofloxacin . This worked really well. 2 x 200mg for 1 month. About 10 days after the course finished, I could feel a growing pain in my right testicle, it got gradually worse and I went to see doctor again. Rectal exam was very uncomfortable this time. Back on the Ofloxacin. Again it worked.

Then the same thing twice during lockdown, April & August, 2 more courses of Ofloxacin. They work until I come off them. The last course has done very bad damage to my knees. I could hardly walk. So I don't want to go back on it ever again.

I can feel some new symptoms starting again now. Discomfort around the head of my penis (not had this before), tingling around my general pelvic region, and discomfort in my buttocks that comes and goes, along with the golfball feeling, again that comes and goes.

I'm guessing the Antibiotics are having some positive effect on my prostate, but not getting through to kill all bacteria if it is indeed bacterial, or they are just helping to reduce swelling for the time I am on them if it is not bacterial.

Anyone have similar symptoms issues?


Posted 19 Oct 2020 at 13:46
Sorry you are suffering as you say, You don't appear to have a Prostate Cancer diagnosis or when you had a blood test don't say if your PSA was checked and if so whether it raised for your age. Hopefully, antibiotics will resolve your problems
Posted 19 Oct 2020 at 17:31

Hi Noel,

Sorry about your issues. You might have prostatitis. It can be difficult to get antibiotics into any infected parts of the prostate, because they can block off. For the same reason, bacteria are often not found in semen or urine in the case of bacterial prostatitis. Secondly, many antibiotics have anti-inflammatory properties, and it might be this which is giving you relief rather than any bacteria being sensitive to the antibiotic and being knocked out. If what you have is prostatitis and treatment has failed several times, you really need your prostatic fluid cultured to identify a sensitive antibiotic. This is a specialist urology procedure, not a GP procedure, so you need referring to urology.

Discomfort around head of penis (assuming no sign of any infection there) could well be referred pain from the prostate. Your brain doesn't have a prostate in its internal model of your body, which means it can't associate pain with it. Typically, prostate pain gets associated with head of the penis, or testicles, or some other part of your urinary system.

Ofloxacin is associated with tendon damage/rupture, so I would suggest you get a prostatic fluid culture grown to be sure you have a bacterial infection which is sensitive to it before having it again, particularly if you are having joint/tendon pain. You might see if an anti-inflammatory painkiller such as Ibuprofen has the same effect temporarily, although that's not a treatment and don't stop trying to get it treated professionally.

Posted 19 Oct 2020 at 18:02
Thank you, no sign of infection around the head of the penis, athough I'm not sure what that would look like? But I guess it would be pretty obvious

Interesting that the brain doesn't map the prostate, I do feel like the discomfort I have is being felt by way of a spherical radiation from where I imagine my prostate is, penis, buttocks, lower back, so that makes a lot of sense.

Is the Prostate culture you suggest taken from a semen sample?

Posted 19 Oct 2020 at 23:56

Prostatic fluid is obtained by a urologist massaging the prostate. Prostate massage may be required during the period on antibiotics too, to get them into all of the prostate. There are very few urologists who specialise in prostatitis.

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