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Penile implant 12/16

Posted 04 Dec 2020 at 00:36

Hello, I’m near 70 and had a radical prostatectomy 3 years ago which left me incontinent and with ED. I’m cancer free thankfully. I had an artificial sphincter(AMS800) implanted 2 years ago to take care  of the incontinence. Viagra and Cialis helped with the ED, but wasn’t always reliable. On top of all that I also developed Peyronies since the sphincter surgery with a curve on the left side at the bottom of my penis. My doctor has recommended an implant to correct the curve and ED and I’m scheduled for the implant on 12/16. I saw another post here from andrewc in 2018 and it he mentioned he has both implants. I would like to hear from him and others who also have had both implants. I’m concerned about the size of the penile implant pump along with the sphincter pump. Any discomfort or other issues having both in the scrotum.


Posted 04 Dec 2020 at 18:52

Sorry can't help. Just posting to bounce this to the top. 


Posted 04 Dec 2020 at 20:36

Thanks Dave. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but if anyone out there has had both implants hopefully they’ll respond. My surgeon tells that there are lots of men with both implants, but I’d rather here from guys that have had them.


Posted 05 Dec 2020 at 08:25
Have to be sure which one you are squeezing at the critical moment!
Posted 05 Dec 2020 at 20:15

That’s for sure!!! Luckily no Alzheimer’s yet so I should be able to remember...


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