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Travel insurance for advanced prostate cancer

Posted 03 Jan 2021 at 16:34



Can anyone recommend a travel insurance company?  I have recently been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and am wondering if it will be difficult to get worldwide annual travel insurance with cruise option

Posted 03 Jan 2021 at 20:10
I’m now advanced but wasn’t when I used Boots travel three times. They were brilliant and very affordable even with cruise. Best to phone !!!

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade

Posted 03 Jan 2021 at 21:49
I use Nationwide Building Society, I pay an annual premium on top of the £13 a month banking charge.

I've declined the annual premium this year on the basis that although we've got two cruises booked in July and November I'm highly sceptical either will actually sail and we'll be off to Whitby again.

Posted 05 Jan 2021 at 16:49

Thanks, Chris. I’m in the same position. I’ve had no problem obtaining travel insurance when my cancer was stage 2. I have yet to try and get it now it’s stage 4. That was my question, really. Is it going to be possible, and if so, which companies should I try?

Posted 05 Jan 2021 at 17:38
The best answer to this is to contact the companies verbally rather than online. If you phone MacMillan I’m quite sure they have a list of recommended companies. I simply haven’t looked into it yet because I have no holidays booked and also I’m on zero treatment at all so wouldn’t stand a chance in hell of anyone offering me insurance. Worth stating though that I have been T4 since the day of my surgery and have had many long cruises with no problem with cover. I think if you are on treatment and that your PSA is low or stable , then cover can be offered !

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade

Posted 05 Jan 2021 at 21:17
If your cancer is not going to cause you any medical issues, you can get it specifically excluded from cover and get the normal premium. How much of a risk you consider that to be is a personal decision of course, but it's what I do myself (although my cancer is not advanced).

Best wishes,


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