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Prostate Brachytherapy UK Support Group

Posted 11 Jan 2021 at 01:31

I started a prostate brachytherapy support group in November for men who have had or who are considering brachytherapy. 36 men met on Zoom, providing peer-to-peer support, with those recently treated or considering treatment able to ask questions of those further along the road. Some key topics of the discussion were what PSA bounces look like in terms of levels and timing after treatment (a particular feature of brachytherapy which isn't well understood), the significantly different regimes for using Tamsulosin after brachytherapy, and strictures.

We cover both LDR/seed/permanent brachytherapy, and HDR/temporary brachytherapy.

We will meet again on Zoom this Thursday (14th) in the evening.

If you are a brachytherapy patient or considering brachytherapy, and would like to join, please email me well beforehand:

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Posted 06 Mar 2021 at 00:33

The next Prostate Brachytherapy UK Support Group meeting is on Thursday 11th March at 18:45.

The session will include peer-to-peer support, and then a presentation by a Clinical Scientist who is a medical physicist in radiotherapy at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. He will talk about how the treatment works and how the seed placement is planned.

Please email support@prostate-brachytherapy.uk asking to be added to the mailing list if you would like to join the group.

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