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Get drinking coffee!

Posted 14 Jan 2021 at 10:12

Thank goodness my new favourite tipple is associated with reduced PC risk. http://prac.co/l/y62oehen




Posted 14 Jan 2021 at 13:52

I get the practice update notifications and saw the article this morning. From the age of 40, I probably drank 8 cups of strong black coffee a day. I still drink around six cups a day. Didn't help me 😀.


Thanks Chris

Posted 14 Jan 2021 at 14:03
It's a good job I don't have a prostate - I hate coffee!
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 14 Jan 2021 at 22:39

Originally Posted by: Online Community Member
It's a good job I don't have a prostate - I hate coffee!

You stick to the gin Lyn 😉

Posted 14 Jan 2021 at 23:27

There is coffee and coffee.  Dairy has bad reviews for the prostate.   

A latte is all milk with a spot of water.  A flat white is a small amount of milk, a small but potent drink.   An Americano is too much water.  Only espresso is the pure drink and it's hard to know its purpose.

I've drunk loads of coffee and guess what?

I blame alcohol although I'll never know.

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Posted 13 Apr 2021 at 22:20
I missed that press release. Good news for a coffee nut.

I still miss the city coffee bars, but my bean-to-cup machine is an acceptable replacement.

As a trainee Vegan I use oat milk. Is that better than cow juice for PCas?

Posted 13 Apr 2021 at 22:43

As an 80 year old on HT you should probably be more concerned about eating a balanced diet.

Posted 14 Apr 2021 at 13:50
Well I try, Francij.

I know vegetarians must watch B12 and vegans keep their protein up. I have also ordered the Prostate Care Cookbook Lyneyre mentioned. There must be some veggie material in that.

Admittedly, my last blood test showed a red cell count just on the lower bound of normal, so I have increased chickpeas and cashew nuts in my intake. Otherwise, seeds, fruit and leafy green vegetables are no problem.

Don't you think a good V-diet is feasible for PCa patients?

Posted 15 Apr 2021 at 07:33
I was vegi for most of my adult life because I didn't think I could kill anything and I didn't want to be a hypocrite. That changed when I discovered the primeval satisfaction you get from hunting for the pot

. I now farm sheep too and that has only re-enforced my catharthis that we humans have evolved to eat meat and fruits / berries / leaves and should not exclude any naturally occurring food from our diet.

So no I don't think chickpeas are a good substitute for nutrient dense animals, they work well in a mutton tangine though!

Posted 17 Apr 2021 at 23:40
That won't work for me, Francij. I live in a city centre retirement apartment where loud noise is discouraged. The odd woodpigeon does visit our garden but my eyesight is too poor to hit one, even if I had a gun.

The prostate cancer cookbook has arrived - thanks to LynEyre for the recommendation - and proves to be written by the Professor of Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey. Animal protein is not excluded but only oily fish receives credit for any of the fairly minor improvements in PCa outcomes. Alliums and cruciferous vegetables, legumes, cooked tomatoes (she agrees with LynEyre on that), soya and lots of green tea also get credit. And I have been using garlic incorrectly all these years.

Coffee is not mentioned, but I don't care.

Posted 18 Apr 2021 at 17:10
Unfortunately, so many of these things which may help PCa are most applicable before you are actually diagnosed and are of limited value for men already diagnosed with PCa. It has been found that when men who were brought up on a diet in countries with a low incidence of PCa moved to countries with higher rates of PCa and changed their diets to those more prevalent in these new countries, they also became susceptible to increased rates of PCa.
Posted 19 Apr 2021 at 07:43
Coffee is a recent addition 😃.

What have you been doing wrong with the garlic? Can't fault the rest of the suggestions..

Posted 19 Apr 2021 at 07:45
Old Barry,. They also changed their lifestyles and probably got fat to boot
Posted 19 Apr 2021 at 11:15

Originally Posted by: Online Community Member
Old Barry,. They also changed their lifestyles and probably got fat to boot

Highly likely!  Most on here will not have experienced first hand but during WW2 and for a time afterwards rationing in the UK meant small portions and restricted diets.  Also, comparatively few had cars and petrol was restricted anyway.  Walking to public transport and cycling was the order of the day.  TV was yet to have us sitting down doing little too.  The combination of these things meant people were generally less heavy and more healthy.  Of course they didn't have the benefit of the range of antibiotics, pills and medical procedures we have to combat medical conditions and keep us going that we have today which have extended life expectancy.

As regards coffee, I read the efficasy of this in relation to PCa some years ago but it was postulated that you would need to drink many so many cups to be of benefit.


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Posted 19 Apr 2021 at 21:53

What I was doing wrong with the garlic was not letting it rest after crushing. Crushing garlic releases an enzyme which catalyses the production of organosulphur compounds with established anti-cancer properties. But that reaction takes several minutes, and the enzyme is destroyed by heat.

By tossing the crushed garlic straight into the stir fry I interupted that process. The flavour was there, to be sure, but not the anti-cancer activities. I should have placed the crushed garlic in a ramekin, as the TV cooks do, for ten minutes before using it.

Professor Rayman mentions the issue of prevention over cure. Clearly, longitudinal studies of PCa rates infer the dominance of prevention, but she insists evidence does exist for efficacy after diagnosis as well as before - within the fairly modest activity observed.

So, not a cure for PCa, but perhaps a minor extension of remission - and an argument for as much garlic as you fancy.

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Posted 19 Apr 2021 at 22:29
The same is true of onions etc - ideally, sliced and then rested for a period of time before using.

The point that Prostate Cancer Research make is that a young boy's prostate healthy diet could minimise the risk of him developing PCa in the future, and ghat diet may also play a part in slowing advanced PCa - particularly once hormone independent. What they don't support is any suggestion that dietary changes have any impact on men who have been diagnosed with a contained / treatable PCa - cutting out dairy or eating loads of tomatoes will not prevent a man who has had radical treatment from going on to have a recurrence, for example.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 19 Apr 2021 at 23:09
You’re all so old fashioned. It’s de rigour to grate it these days. Loads of flavour and juice and no slicing or resting. It really works. As for coffee we used to fill a percolator each day and have 4 mugs each. Went through me like a Porsche. Now 2 cups of fresh lemon tea each. Very tasty and freshens the palate and wakes you up. And good hydration and vitamin C alongside.

We bought a Krupps nespresso machine and now have 1 mega shot during the day ( espresso ) I adore it and Amazon’s own at 10 pence per cup , rather the top end 30 pence per cup. Divine

If life gives you lemons , then make lemonade

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