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Potential prostatitis

Posted 22 Feb 2021 at 20:45

Hi All

Hope you can give me some advice?  Had some testicle pain and pain with ejaculation for most of last year then after Xmas the frequent urge to go to the toilet with Penis pain hit me.  Straining when on toilet and feeling of not emptying bladder.

Been to GP who did urine sample which is was clear.  Had STD test carried out which was clear.  GP prescribed Ciprofloxacin for 1 month.  2 weeks in and that didn't agree with me now have 2 weeks ofloxacin.

Frequency has died down a little and pain is manageable but flares up every now and again.  Got a week if meds left but not sure on next steps if this does not clear up.

Does this sound like prostatitis?  Spoke to do specialist nurse from prostate cancer UK who said it sounds like it.

GP has said it's all he can do as from his tests no infection is found.

Anxiety and stress as been through the roof which I know does not help.








Posted 23 Feb 2021 at 01:33
I would be a bit cross with the GP - if he has exhausted whatever tests are available to him, he should darned well refer you to a urologist!

But yes, it sounds like possible prostatitis - sometimes this is very difficult to diagnose and treat so you really need to see a specialist.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 23 Feb 2021 at 01:39
Yes, as Matron says, in my opinion too, you should already be on the list for a consultation with your hospital urology department. Please ask your GP for a referral.

Best of luck for a time-scale in the new National Covid Health Service!

Cheers, John.

Posted 23 Feb 2021 at 09:25

It does sound like prostatitis. Infection often doesn't show in urine or semen because it's got itself blocked off in an area of the prostate.

You need to be referred to urology, and hope you get a urologist who knows how to treat it.

This will start by obtaining expressed prostatic fluid, which goes off to be cultured for a few days, to find what the bacteria is, and which antibiotics it's sensitive too (i.e. kill it), and you then get prescribed exactly the right antibiotic. You may need some prostate massage (by the urologist) while on the antibiotic, to get the antibiotic into the ducts where the infection is.

Even if the antibiotic you are on now doesn't work, it might give some temporary relief because they are also anti-inflammatory. It might not be the right antibiotic or it might not get to the infection, hence referral to urology if the current course of antibiotics doesn't work. Don't accept more antibiotics without getting prostatic fluid cultured first, so the that next antibiotic is the right one, and not another guess.

One other thing, since you've been on Ciprofloxacin, avoid stressing your tendons for a while, as it makes them weaker and liable to damage (and ofloxacin might be the same - not sure).

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Posted 25 Feb 2021 at 17:31

Thanks for the replies.  I have another appointment with GP next week.

One query in had was can you have a std infection in your prostate that would not show up on a standard test?  And can this be passed on?

I've had many STD test which has come back negative but got me thinking

Posted 27 Apr 2021 at 12:48
Just to add my experience: I had been ' diagnosed ' with prostatitis last summer ( 2020 ) , and I had been prescribed Cipro for that. I declined to take it. As a consequence of reading Andy62's message,( see above ) and further research and discussion, I obtained a private proper forensic diagnosis and investigation. I did not have bacterial prostate infection at all. My issues are related to the bladder and numerous tiny calcifications within the trigone area of the bladder.

I couldn't get a proper diagnosis from the NHS and had to pay for this. I am disgruntled about this, but at least now I know what is causing my repeated UTI's and have a range of options to consider. Too much treatment with very damaging antibiotics on the basis of ' try this and see if it works ' , is causing a lot of long term damage to people. Their use should be much more closely targeted, and their widespread use is in my view lazy medical practice.

Posted 16 May 2021 at 10:04

Hi .

I have exactly the same.

My left testicle is aching most of the time

I'm on Ofloxacin  long term because of recurring uti infection. 

Prostate is enlarged and just had Prostate biopsy done which wasn't very nice .

Not painful but uncomfortable. 

I'm going back to hospital for biopsy results this week.

Other thing is, I feel tired all the time 

I also had camera up my willy to look in my bladder.

Found nothing untoward. 



Posted 16 May 2021 at 11:09

Ian hi. Good to hear you have nothing untoward in the bladder. Not so good to hear you had a biopsy as I hear they are indeed uncomfortable. I wonder if you had a PSA test which encouraged the urologist to perform the biopsy. I have too a slightly enlarged prostate gland, but that can very easily be a result of inflammation rather than anything malignant. I’m glad to hear you can see someone at the hospital ...I’ve been shabbily treated by the NHS here in Wales....I’d still be waiting well into next year for any of this diagnostic work if I hadn’t gone private. I do hope you get a proper forensic diagnosis of what’s causing your problems and don’t settle for ‘ try this and see ‘. Have the UTIs stopped while you’ve been on the medication? All the best. 

Posted 16 May 2021 at 11:30

Hi. Eric

The uti as stopped for now .

Because I'm on Ofloxacin 

I was also on Nitrofuratoin which also worked

My PSA results came back at 3.5 

Which the  dr said is in the middle,  but is of concern.

I had Mri scan 4 weeks ago which showed something on the left side of my prostate.

This prompted the Biopsy.

The biopsy didn't hurt but was uncomfortable. 

Done under local anaesthetic 

I'm also on Tamsulosin to try and stop the urge to go for a wee, every 20 minutes .




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Posted 16 May 2021 at 16:52

Dave .

Ring the Urology direct 

I did and got in straight away. 

Local surgery drs don't understand and most are not qualified in urology  only the basics. 

I had infection and got fobbed off by my GP so phoned urology  and ended up with a kidney stone and had to have a operation. 

Now im going through the prostate problems .

Good luck 

Posted 06 Jan 2022 at 17:50


I have just read the replies thanks for getting in touch.  Update on where I am at.  Still never got into see urologist but on waiting list.  Pain comes and goes as does pain when urinating.  At the minute it's back with a vengeance.  

Again painful ejaculation in occasions and symptoms seem to be worse in the days after. 





Posted 12 Jan 2022 at 14:18

If you have urinary symptoms such as poor flow / frequency / up at night / post pee dribble something like tamsulosin may help . A general urology investigation will usually include a flow test and a scan to see if you empty properly , an examination of abdo , mens bits and prostate through tail end . Dependent on your age you may get blood tests . You may also need scans such as mri and a bladder exam .

It may and i stress may be worth trying to see a Urologist in the private sector . You can look this up on web and ask how much a consultation is . If you can pick a urologist whose bio says interest in prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome you will move on quicker .

Carpe Diem 

Posted 10 Feb 2022 at 17:48

Hi thanks for your reply.  I did consider seeing a private urologist but the costs were prohibitive.

One question i did have and I wrote it earlier on in the thread but didn't get a response.  Can an STD lay in your prostate causing issue but not be detected on a test.  I've had numerous STD tests in the last 5 years all come back negative but I was reading a few things and was just curious


Posted 25 Mar 2022 at 06:38
Only certain way is to have prostate massage, and proper analysis of the prostatic fluid that it derived from the massage.
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