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30 Months on...

Posted 18 Mar 2021 at 09:42

My PSA  is still less than 0.03. Continence is fine unless I am very tired when I may have a very small drip. This is  not a problem however and easily avoided. ED still appears to be a work in progress. Spontaneous nocturnal erections have returned and I can now “function” without Viagra, but it still helps a lot. Given that only nerves on the right were spared, this recovery is far better than I expected. All in all,  life has pretty much returned to normal, although concerns of a relapse are never too far away, especially when the PSA test is due. I had a few anxious days in February when I woke up with an intense pain  in my  back/shoulder. My immediate conclusion was that the cancer had returned, despite the low PSA. However this was diagnosed as a  trapped nerve which cleared up within a few weeks. I have yet to arrive at  a place where I do not attribute any ache or pain to prostate cancer and can  follow the surgeons advice to “stop worrying and get on with life” ! Best wishes and good luck for to anybody embarking or embarking upon prostate cancer treatment



Posted 18 Mar 2021 at 18:44

Good update zebulon. 


Posted 18 Mar 2021 at 18:48
All sounds good , yes psa time does get the mind racing a bit 😂 good luck
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