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Your invitation to attend a focus group exploring men’s experience of prostate cancer care on the NH

Posted 19 Mar 2021 at 09:31

In collaboration with NHS England we’re hosting a focus group to enable us to learn more about older men’s experiences of being diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer. Our ambition is to transform what we learn from this group into ways we can make sure men with prostate cancer have the best possible care from the NHS.

NHS data has recently shown some variation in access to treatments of older men, from age 70 onwards, which is why we’re particularly keen to hear from men in this age-group. This will help us understand whether improvements are needed in older men’s treatment and care, so we make sure all men with prostate cancer have the best possible outcomes.  

We would love to hear from you if you:

  • Were diagnosed at 70 years old or above
  • Were suitable for radical treatments and drug therapies, like chemotherapy


The focus group will take place on 8th April at 4pm until 6pm via Zoom.

Please email yourfeedback@prostatecanceruk.org to be among the 15-18 people to take part. Your experiences and feedback are vital for helping us improve outcomes for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Places will be available to those who respond first.

Please also let us know if you’re not used to using Zoom, and we can support you with taking part.


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