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mildly elevated PSA at 40

Posted 20 Apr 2021 at 01:14

Hello Everyone,

Last year in Nov (2020) I had a PSA test as a part of my annual physical and that came out to be 1.3 ng/ml. At the same time my urine analysis showed I had lot of bacteria in my urine. My GP thought it might be bacterial prostits and gave me one months of doxycycline. After finishing the doxycline course, I wanted to go for another PSA test bu the labs were closed due to COVID. I was able to get another PSA test in the first week of Jan 2021 and the PSA was still 1.3ng/ml. The GP tested my Urine sample with a dipstick and told me I had luckocytes. He gave me another 10 days of levofloxacin. I am generally healthy and particluar about eating and being active. However, my GP told me that for my age 1.3ng/ml is in the normal range but a bit elevated. I don't know what to make of that.


I researched a bit online and found some articles that concern me. Some of these articles seems to suggested that a baseline PSA above age adjusted median PSA levels or a PSA level >1.0 ng/ml, are associated with higher chances of Prostate Cancer. My concern is that if my PSA was not due to infection, then am I really at higher risk ?

PSA seems to be a very difficult test to understand. I know the PCa can occur both in case where PSA levels are lower or above the median level, but somehow I am worried that I might be at higher risk. Following are the links to the articles. 





Any advise would be helpful.

Thank you everyone in advance.



Posted 20 Apr 2021 at 07:00


I think when you are dealing with prostate cancer you can not be to careful and of course you can look through many sites for help but i think it's better for your own peace of mind to get it checked out and if you have prostate cancer its better to get it early.

If you click on my Avatar you can see my journey and i felt very happy that my doctor had picked up on my problem early enough to get treatment while the cancer was still at lowish Gleason scores but only just.


regards John.

Posted 20 Apr 2021 at 13:27
PSA is not a very good initial test for PCa unless it is very high (up in the hundreds when increasingly PCa is much more likely). PSA can be affected by the size of the of the Prostate, whether there is a UTI, exersion before the PSA is done as having sex, or PIN which may or may not develop into PCa. Where PSA gives a better indication is where a man has been diagnosed with PCa and particulary after treatment following PSA tests according to the way and extent of increase, it helps monitor and show if the treatment is not working.

So, with a slightly raised PSA, it is helpful to rule out an infection and hopefully this be your result after prescription. Another tool is for your GP to give you a DRE ( Digital Rear Examination), where your Prostate is felt by a finger via your Rectum. This can sometimes help establish if you have an enlarged Prostate or if there is any hardness or lumps. Although some men do not exhibit symptoms of PCa, should there be any this will strengthen the case for referral to a Urologist. I should not be surprised if a couple or so more tests are done and need to give rise for concern before such a referal is made.

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