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how does this compare?

Posted 04 May 2021 at 09:17

Catheter has now been out for 3 weeks and 4 days following prostate removal. I am doing exercises three times a day - holding for ten seconds ten times and then flexing 25 times.

Between getting up and showering and going to bed (8.30am to 11.00 pm) I am using two pads.

I am concerned that I seem to leak quite heavily up to 3.00am and largely sleep through it although I do wake up a couple of times and get to the bathroom and pass water at some force for 3-5 seconds. After 3.00am I seem a lot dryer and either get up and go to the bathroom or hold it until I get up.

I am drinking about 1.5 litres a day and my urine is almost colourless.

I would like assurance I am on track and about where I should be, I am aware of the 13 week average recovery period but hope to be living a fairly normal life in July. I would also love a glass of wine or a beer but am holding on for another three weeks until my review.

Many thanks for any info

Posted 04 May 2021 at 14:36

Hi,  It's pretty early days and the most abnormal thing is to be completely dry.   Drinking 1.5litres a day isn't much.  If you're drinking after 7pm then you may be leaking later.   When you lie down water in your legs rebalances so you can get more in your bladder than you think.  I'd suggest not drinking after 7pm and see if it is better.

Like you I had no alcohol for a spell.  My spell was from being diagnosed until it healed completely.  Now I only drink twice a week and keep it to 2 bottles of beer or half a bottle of wine a time.  Part of the reason was it made me anxious in the night if I drank too much.

I was using 4 pads for a while but never leaked at night.

Normal progression is to be dry at night and then leak in the day.   Each week you'll notice leaking starts a bit later until you're dry until midday then on to being dry in the afternoon then all day.

You might leak a bit if you bend down, lift something, laugh, or become aroused and that might last longer.   Walking lets a little bit come out with each step in the early days.  You will likely find the the force of passing is about double what it was before.  Mine certainly is.

People do all sorts of things, some go to the pub almost immediately and others go riding bicycles.  There is an element of taking it as you need and see how it goes.  Although in my opinion letting it heal as smoothly as possible is likely to end up with better recovery.

All the best, Peter

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