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Somaerect response II vacuum device - sizing and technique advice

Posted 13 May 2021 at 13:26

Been using the Somaerect response II vacuum device for about 4 weeks now. Had a zoom demo from a very helpful chap at imedicare and read all the attached leaflets and stuff.

I think my technique for using it ok and as per the instructions. Pulling all the loose scrotal skin away(doing this with some force), not using too much lubricant, pumping slowly and leaving 10 seconds between sets etc.

I'm using the standard clear tube with the larger of the two black cushioning seals.

Length wise we are all good, almost back to pre op length. But girth wise, im not sure if

a. I have the right size tube

b. my tecnique is wrong


c. it's just how it's supposed to be?

So, my question is, when pumped up to full size should there be some space/a gap/fresh air around the full length of the erection and the inside face of the clear tube?

When at full length the first 2-3 inches of my penis (for almost its full circumference, from about 2 o'clock to 10 o'clock) is squashed tightly against the inside face of the tube (uncomfortable but not painful). The remaining length is touching at 3 and 9 o'clock with the top of the glands pressing against the top face of the tube.

When i put a constriction ring on, let the vacuum off and try to remove the device the erection doesn't pull out easily, it's kind of air locked and needs a bit of force to pull it off.

Is this all normal? or am i doing something very wrong or do i need a different pump tube?



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Posted 13 May 2021 at 23:42

I think the you may need the extra large tube - no there shouldn't be any much contact between penis and inside of tube. When there is contact, it can cling and prevent the skin stretching as the penis expands. Well, you have to apply lubricant to contact areas so they slide in the tube, but that's not going to work when it's most of the circumference.

Contact iMEDicare and they might do a swap or send it to you.

In non-COVID times, this would get checked in the pump clinic before and the right tube ordered, but that hasn't been happening recently (although pump clinics are now just opening up again in some hospitals). They must have some procedure for people who got the wrong one by default as a result.

Only other thing I can think is that for some people, the pump can pull fluid into the outer part of the penis under the skin, which is probably not a good thing. Call them up for a chat.

Posted 24 May 2021 at 18:00

It's been a couple of weeks so you're probably sorted now, but just in case it helps....my experience is that more lubricant is beneficial. This is because without it there can be friction between the skin and the dry plastic of the tube. (I wondered what the sharp burning pain was until I worked it out!). So I also smear some on the inside of the tube, as far down from each end as my fingers will reach.
Generally I found it necessary to experiment and don't follow the routine demonstrated in the vid too closely any more, so don't worry about 'doing it wrong', just search for ways that will work best for you.
As far as the tube size goes, I phoned to discuss swapping for a larger tube and was told that in some cases the larger tube introduced new problems around stopping extra flesh from going inside it when the vacuum was pumped up, so that might need a bit of experimentation too.

I've tried other lubricants, on cost grounds. The only workable alternative I've found is KY (it can be bought online in larger 82g tubes). It's a bit lighter than 'the official one' but can be made to work.

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