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MIR procedure

Posted 21 May 2021 at 16:56

I have been referred by my  urologist at my local hospital for MRI scan. Appointment has arrived, for a scan about 20 miles away, which thankfully my daughter can take me as she happens to be staying with us at  the time.  She lives about 300 miles away, and will be going back just after. My question is does anybody know if I can see my urologist at my local hospital which is about  2 miles away, for the results etc. Both hospitals are in the same district.

Posted 22 May 2021 at 01:26
You wont get the MRI result straight away. However, you could be asked to undergo a biopsy and possibly a bone scan. Also, some people are just having telephone appointments at this point. Perhaps you could contact your Urologist's secretary an say you would be happy to communicate this way or if not ask if your appointment could be at your nearest hospital if your oncologist also sees patients there.
Posted 22 May 2021 at 08:51
Thank you for that Barry
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