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What Type of treatment

Posted 05 Jun 2021 at 15:10

Hi  Back in 2010 I had a urine infection which after all the tests were carried out showed I had a PSA reading of 12 I had a biopsy done for prostrate cancer then and it came back clear, although my PSA has never dropped below 5, it went on my medical notes that if it climbs above 7 to get it checked out again, over the last 8 yrs it has crept up to 9 but then drops back down to 7.5 / 8. I felt it was time to get it looked at in greater detail and my doctor agreed so I had an MRI followed by a biopsy which showed an area of concern which turned out to be cancerous with a Gleason score of 3 + 3 that was March 2019 since  then I've been on active watch, my latest biopsy result  gave me a Gleason score of 3 + 4 after which I have been offered a meeting with specialist with a view of either removal or Hormone and Radio Therapy. I have been looking at test trials and see that the HIFU treatment seems promising with less side affects, however this has not been mentioned as a possible choice of treatment. Has anybody out there had this form of surgery

Posted 05 Jun 2021 at 22:20

Hi,  It's been a slow but steady development and you've done well to hang on for over 10 years.  For HIFU I hope 'Old Barry' makes a comment.  You might look up his profile in search.

I don't know a lot about it but it seems HIFU is used for very low risk cases or as secondary treatment.  Sometimes you can decide to hang on for as long as you dare then have one of the main treatments, surgery or radiotherapy.  Although there is a risk that depends on your personal tolerance.    For me waiting would be very difficult I admit.

All the best, Peter

Posted 06 Jun 2021 at 00:49


Unless you can find somebody who is doing HIFU as a primary treatment on the NHS, perhaps as part of a trial , you have to be looking at circa £13000 for it privately. It is a focal treatment that is mostly given as a salvage procedure for failed RT in the UK and it can be had for this reason within the NHS, usually within a trial. If you want to consider the treatment further I suggest you make contact with UCLH about it. However, by no means is everybody suitable for what is a niche treatment. The tumour that requires treating must be in part of the Prostate that the probe, which delivers the HIFU via the rectum, can focus on. Also, there can be a point where the Tumour is too great to be effectively treated by HIFU and a Prostatectomy or RT may be better options.

However, for suitable men, the side effects are generally more mild than Prostatectomy or RT, which can subsequently be undertaken if needed, as indeed HIFU can sometimes be repeated. Nevertheless, it should be noted that because only a single or very few significant tumour(s) is/are treated, it can happen that another tumour may develop elsewhere in the Prostate. Furthermore, there is a lack of long term assessment on the treatment.

So for some, HIFU will do the job long or short term, but one should be aware further treatments may be necessary as mentioned above.


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