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what if radiotherapy doesn't work?

Posted 21 Jun 2021 at 11:24

Can you have surgery after Radiotherapy if it didn't work to eradicate the cancer?

I hear not, according to someone in Macmillan community, reason given “because after RT the gland turns to a kind of mush, scar tissue etc “

Has anyone been told this by their oncologist or other clinician?

Posted 21 Jun 2021 at 13:21
Well it's true the RT does make a bit of a mess of the prostate and therefore harder to remove. However I believe there are some surgeons who will remove it afterwards. You would need to search for them though, I don't think, unless you are lucky, your local uro surgeon would. There is a definate preference for surgery first in general. But it's not impossible.
Posted 21 Jun 2021 at 14:01

If it works have a look at the following link. Go about halfway down the page for more recent replies.


Thanks Chris


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