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Just Diagnosed 16th June

Posted 23 Jun 2021 at 10:47

Hi Everyone

My journey started after watching a live Fishing Q&A on YouTube.  The anglers answering the questions where asked to promote PC awareness by an angler who was diagnosed.  So I ordered a PSA test via the charity mentioned, took the test on 23rd March. Received my results and my PSA was 34 ng/ml and the letter strongly advised me to see my GP.  Appointment duly made, further PSA test (39 ng/ml) and DRE.  GP referred me to Urologist under the 2 week wait criterion.

Went to the appointment and urologist was concerned so arranged Bone scan and Chest/abdomen scans.

Follow up consultation with urologist, bone and chest scans clear but two red flags shown on abdomen scan.  First red flag was that two lymph nodes lager than should be, second red flag was an aneurysm.

Appointment made for MRI scan followed by biopsy and also an appointment with a vascular surgeon regarding the aneurysm. The aneurysm not big enough (2.5 cm)to warrant surgery so will be monitored with annual scans.

Went for the MRI scan and then 5 days later the biopsy.

At the biopsy the Dr informed me that the MRI scan had show a lesion on my prostate so he would take additional samples from this area.

Had my follow up biopsy results by telephone consultation on 16th June.


Locally Advanced PC

Gleason Score 9 (4+5)

Grade group 5

Staging T3a N1 M0

Treatments offered

Hormone treatment started 18th June, Bicalutamide tablets.  First injection of Prostap 22nd June.

Surgery or radiotherapy.

Now waiting for further consultations with Surgeon and Radiotherapy Consultant.

So everything moved rather quickly, but my head has been in a spin since the diagnosis. 



Posted 23 Jun 2021 at 13:11

Hi Barrie

I won't comment any further on your Youtube Video habit. Sorry you find yourself here. This cancer sneaks up on men when they are not looking. Once they start looking they find all sorts of things. I'm a G9er myself, fairly similar diagnosis to you, but my lymph nodes were clear.

Surgery alone is unlikely to cure you so if you have surgery you will probably need radiotherapy as well. I just went for the radiotherapy.




Posted 25 Jun 2021 at 00:59

Good job you watched that fishing video!

Your cancer is advanced, and is unlikely to be treated with what they call “curative intent.” That doesn’t mean it’s terminal as they have many wonder drugs now, some costing a hundred quid a day, and some just a penny a day.

Talk to a surgeon and the oncologist, but I would think you are better off with oncology in your situation. It will involve hormone therapy (chemical castration, as the cancer feeds on testerosterone from your balls) and or radiotherapy.

Do yourself a favour, and order the free comprehensive information folder “Tool Kit” from the publications section of this website.

In England, all over sixty-five year old males are invited for an aortal aneurism scan (it’s apparently rare in females, although my Mother-in-law died of one), and I went for mine last month. I’m AOK.

If yours gets worse, they can cut out the aortal bulge and fit a nifty corrugated tube in its place. I know this because I watched an episode of “Hospital” here in Coventry this week.

Best of luck mate,

Cheers, John.

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