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Cryotherapy second treatment ED problems

Posted 04 Jul 2021 at 13:23

Hi had second treatment of cryotherapy in March this year after cancer returned, originally had 2006.

After first treatment no problems with erections but second treatment having problems, not even semi hard. Looking for advice what route to take before getting appointment with GP and asking for medical help as sex is very important to us

Thanks in advance

Posted 04 Jul 2021 at 16:32

I think the first thing would be to ask your GP for some 100mg Sildenafil to try out. If there's a weakened signal making it through the erection nerves, this will amplify it, and may produce something of an erection with the right sexual arousal. (Sildenafil won't generate an erection just because you took it.) Also, it would be good to know if this works before attending an ED clinic. You need to try it 4-8 times before you can say it's not working, as it doesn't necessarily work every time, particularly when first trying it, and working out how long the tablet takes to work in you. Obviously, if you get an unacceptable side effect, stop and ask for another PDE5 inhibitor instead, such as 20mg Tadalafil.

Also, ask for an ED clinic referral. You might get that quicker via your clinical nurse specialists at the hospital. While you can't get erections, you should be undertaking penile rehabilitation or physio, to protect the penis tissues which can suffer without erections for a long time. This will probably involve using a pump. You might also be able to get Caverject or similar prescribed so that you can have sex while waiting for recovery, or use the pump for this.

It would also be worth asking your surgeon if they think this is temporary or permanent, as that may influence the ED treatment pathway. They may have some idea from the cryotherapy treatment plan.

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