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Survey: Exploring the long-term psychological needs of men with prostate cancer

Posted 05 Jul 2021 at 11:35

Have you experienced prostate cancer?
We are looking for people who are over 18 to take part in a short online survey which will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. The survey is completely confidential and does not require you to disclose any identifiable information.

Why take part?

People who experience prostate cancer can unexpectedly be faced with long-term health-related and psychological consequences, which can impact on quality of life. We hope to raise awareness and understanding of the psychological needs of people in the UK who have experience of prostate cancer. Doing so can help us to identify ways to reduce the impact of the long-term consequences of prostate cancer on everyday life and wellbeing.

Can I take part?

You can take part if you are:      

  1. Over the age of 18
  2. Have previously had a diagnosis of prostate cancer
  3. The time since diagnosis is 12 months or more

How to take part?

If you are interested in taking part in the research you can follow the link: https://leeds.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/exploring-the-long-term-psychological-needs-of-men-with-pr

Who has reviewed this study?

This study has been reviewed by the School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee, University of Leeds (MREC 20-046).

If you require any further information or have any questions you can contact Jennifer Kirby via email: umjlak@leeds.ac.uk. Thank you for taking time to read this.



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