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Burning Night sweats

Posted 15 Jul 2021 at 16:43

i am 79 years old and am struggling with the side affects of the Hormone Therapy. Tried Degarelix. Prostap now on Zoladex ( trial for a month) Already had Radiotherapy 20 sessions

All of them are killing me with night sweats and burning pain down my legs. This is every 2 hours during the night.

Can anyone suggest anything which might help? Tried Sage, Evening Primrose.  No use!

All cotton clothes, bedding etc etc.

i cannot take two years of this. Think I will possible stop and try to monitor via PSA tests. Started at 8.5 now down to 1 at last count.

Any ideas would be appreciated


Posted 15 Jul 2021 at 17:00
I’m 54 , incurable , and now on HT for the rest of my shortened life ! I’m using Decapeptyl which seems to give less side effects to many men. I’ve only been on it 6 months and am having hot flushes but nothing to write home about nor waking me or stopping me sleeping etc.

Maybe ask for that ? I think quite a few men pack in HT after RT despite the evidence showing better outcomes. I’ve always put QOL before quantity with this s**t disease but was forced into a corner. However psa down from 990 to 4 which is good news. Best of luck

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Posted 15 Jul 2021 at 18:31
Have you had acupuncture? In some areas it is provided free of charge for men on HT, either at the hospital oncology department or by the local Maggie's Centre or hospice / Macmillan team
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Posted 15 Jul 2021 at 19:50
Yes as Lynn says, if you can try and get acupuncture. I had Zoladex for 3 years(last implant 3 yrs ago) I had pretty strong hot flushes, not sure about leg pains, and had acupuncture and it really helped. I got contact details from Maggies, had to get GP to confirm the illness, basically and had the treatment via a cancer therapy place. They did ask for a small completely voluntary donation.


Posted 16 Jul 2021 at 11:30
Thank you all for the info. I will follow up on Acupuncture and decapeptyl.
Posted 16 Jul 2021 at 12:38

Hot flushes are worse in warm weather, or at least that was my experience. I hope you find a solution, but if you can make it through to Autumn, then maybe you will make it through the winter, and have to give up HT next spring. HT probably is good post RT but there is a suggestion 18 months is as good as two years, and quite frankly if it is unbearable and unmanageable, may be about 9 months might be sufficient to knock the cancer on the head.


Posted 09 Aug 2021 at 20:25

Adding another experience on this. I started HT early Dec 2020. RT late Dec through Jan. I have had bad hot flushes all the way. No difference through winter and this summer. Up to 20 a day. About 6 or 7 each night that wake me up.

Have Onco meeting tomorrow so looking helpful advice on the forum. Will push for acupuncture referral if possible.


Posted 07 Sep 2021 at 19:42

Sage and EP work for me. But I took the wrong kind of Sage in the first place. It should be Sage leaf 500mg. Also EP and fish oil combined on food seems to work, though i have no idea why.

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