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HIFU on, off, on, off, maybe never!

Posted 31 Aug 2021 at 02:57

Hi friends,

As some of you are aware, I was told that depending on my biopsy showing cancer confined to Prostate and passing a preop assessment, a repeat HIFU would be given.  Well this is how it has played out.

The preop for the biopsy was OK as was the biopsy.  A date was set for the HIFU but did not go ahead as there was nobody to administer it.  So a revised appointment for it was set for31 August.  I passed a preop telephone questionnaire and results of preop tests done at my GP's surgery were emailed to UCLH on 19th Aug.  However, at about 7.30pm on Friday 27th Aug I received a telephone call from a nurse at UCLH informing me that the op was off.  This was because the anaesthetist had looked at my ECG and was not prepared to administer anesthetic.   This was followed up with a letter addressed to my GP and copied to me.  It says the ECG indicated either first degree AV block (which together with LAD & RBBB would mean trifascicular block), or possibly atrial fibrillation (trace slightly difficult to interpret). Bifascicular block was found at preop for the biopsy but was allowed to proceed as only deep sedation was used.  HIFU would have required a much longer anaesthetic so I don't meet requirements. 

As I am a long way from UCLH, they have asked my GP to arrange for various tests they specify, which will no doubt have to be done at my local hospital.

This has come as a blow, particularly as I was not previously told about the problem which was noted from the ECG done in May for the biopsy preop.  Furthermore, I want to know why they booked me in for  the HIFU knowing I had a problem which they now say will require investigation and treatment.

I will be contacting my GP about this today prior to asking UCLH why this was so poorly dealt with.

Had I just opted for HT rather than repeat HIFU, I would not have had the ECG and my heart related problem could have gone unnoticed for a long time and become more serious.  


Posted 31 Aug 2021 at 10:33

Hi Barry, this is a blow for you just as you were expecting another HIFU treatment. It is strange that they have waited this long to inform you of this heart problem. Are there any alternatives to GA like a spinal block or similar plus sedation? 



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