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Did you have localised high risk cancer at first diagnosis? Our researchers need your help

Posted 11 Oct 2021 at 17:45

📣 Did you have localised high risk cancer at first diagnosis? Our researchers need your help! 🔬

The research: Professor Ahmed at Imperial College London is putting a research proposal together to compare current imaging tests for patients with high-risk prostate cancer and newer single imaging techniques for their effectiveness in improving cancer control.

What they want from you: The researchers are looking to hold a focus group and as someone who was first diagnosed with high-risk prostate cancer, they want to speak to you about your needs as a patient and to get your help to feed into the design of their research project. Your time will be reimbursed at NIHR INVOLVE rates (between £20-30).

Why it’s important: Currently patients who have high risk prostate cancer will be offered two imaging tests (CT and bone-scan) to find out whether there has been spread of cancer outside the prostate to distant parts of the body. However, these tests may miss areas of distant cancer leading to inappropriate treatment. There is a new single scan, known as a “PSMA PET/CT” which uses a radioactive-labelled tracer that is more specific to prostate tissue. Studies have shown it does in fact find more areas of distant cancer than CT and bone-scan. Despite encouraging evidence on ability of the new single scans to detect more cancer, we still do not have the evidence to confirm this will improve cancer control.

Interested in getting involved? The focus group will take place in the next few weeks so contact Natalia Klimowska-Nasser, Operations Manager at Imperial College London  who is working with Prof Ahmed on the study at n.klimoska@imperial.ac.uk  for more information or to sign-up!



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