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Is it BPH

Posted 14 Oct 2021 at 21:23

Ill try to be short on my description of symptoms

3 months ago started having lits of trips to restroom at night.  about every hour.

Within days that turned into cant go at all without really straining.  I was concerned so i went to see my GP.

Gp took blood and urine.  results showed I had no infection,  microscopic blood in my urine and a vit d defecientcy. My psa was 1.0.  It shoud be noted that i have been taking finisteride 1mg for hair loss for the past 10 years so my psa may not be exact.

GP rederred me to a urologist, but I already had one sue to kidney stones.

Urologist did urine xray and ultrasound.  again blood in urine but everything else looked fine.  I asked him to do a DRE which he reluctantly did and said it fwt normal and a little enlarged.  He set me ip another appointment for 3 mos.

Prior to the appointment my urination returned to normal.  however a week prior to apptment issues returned.


Yesterday was the  appointment.  He did an xray and urine. Again blood in urine.  He leans on kidney stones but i have had plenty of those and i have not felt any of the noal symptoms of kidney stone nor did any show up on xray.  i am scheduled for a ct scan next week now.

Everything i read lean toward BPH.  but ai am really scared i may have cancer.

questions:  would my symptoms come and go if i had pc?  

I should also add that i just turned 50.  I made the doc do another psa test and i am waiting on those results.

please any words or comfort will help.






Posted 15 Oct 2021 at 16:36

Prostate cancer symptoms are very vague until it is serious. Your symptoms also are vague so it is very difficult to say. I think regular PSA checks is the best way of monitoring this. The finasteride may be masking things to some extent. 


Posted 15 Oct 2021 at 17:29

Hi i had microscopic blood in my urine but no night problems and my PSA was 2.19 .I do think you need more investigations before you make conclusions.


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