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Feeling positive

Posted 15 Oct 2021 at 07:54

After a very nervous few days, flowing my appointment being brought forward, I have had my results.

I have aggressive prostrate T3B and a Gleason score of 10. However, the good news it has not spread and so curable. I have immediately been put on hormone tablets with injections to follow. Once the prostrate has shrunk I will have radio therapy at Sheffield.


Posted 15 Oct 2021 at 14:59

A similar position Steve but gleeson 9  PSA 25   37 sessions off radiotherapy decapeptyl every 3months for 2 years PSA now 0.01 looking positive hopefully you have same outcome gaz

Posted 29 Oct 2021 at 22:00
Whoa, sounds like you've been on quite a rollercoaster Steve. To learn you have aggressive cancer must have been a real shock. Therefore really good to hear the PCa has not spread.

May find myself dealing with HT further down the line so will be very interested to hear how you get on with the treatment.

Fingers crossed it all goes well for you.

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