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Prostatitis treatment ineffective so far

Posted 27 Nov 2021 at 12:01

Hello all.

My first time here and looking for guidance about my condition. Sorry for what will probably be a long winded affair.

I am a 61 year old male with no previous history of prostate or recurring UTI history. I had UTI symptoms early September this year and was prescribed a 5 day course of antibiotics (Nitrofurantoin). These were prescribed via online consultation due to Covid restrictions preventing a physical appointment. However, I did provide a urine sample which was negative and the follow up culture test was also free of infection. The AB’s were ineffective so given a different type (Cefalexin) for a further 7 days. Slight improvement seen but side effects forced me to terminate 3 days early. At this stage the discomfort began to develop in the prostate area and another AB (Ciprofloxacin) was issued for 14 days. Unfortunately these had an adverse effect on my tendons and were changed to Ofloxacin after 10 days. Again, adverse reactions forced a further communication with the GP and, this time, a physical examination.

A DRE indicated a swollen prostate and a diagnosis of Prostatitis given. Due to my apparent reactions to all the proceeding AB’s the GP made a telephone call to the Urologist who suggested a 3 week course of Trimethoprim and the addition of Tamsulosin to help aid urine flow.

I have now finished the course of AB’s. I again suffered reactions but persevered to end the course. Unfortunately my problems remain and are escalating.  I have pain in the perenium, rectal discomfort, lower back pain, urinary reluctance, testicular tenderness and dull groin pain. I am also making increased visits to the bathroom. Anxiety is creeping in and compounding the issue.

I have contacted my GP surgery requesting a referral and hopefully further tests and am hoping for a response early next week.

My concerns are obviously the inability to persevere with a particular AB without side effects causing early termination. I am also beginning to doubt the Prostatitis diagnosis and obviously allowing my mind to race ahead.

I appreciate no one on here can give a diagnosis but I suppose my post is seeking some reassurance that this does sound like prostatitis and also asking if anyone has had a similar experience with the AB’s. If so, was there one particular one you found you could tolerate that I could put forward to my GP. Without the ability to endure a longer course I am concerned as to how to clear this up.

As for a PSA test - none have been performed during this current episode as I was advised it would be inaccurate due to inflammation. However, I have had two tests done previously - March 2018 was 0.6 and February 2020 was 0.7. 

As I’m sure you all did, I worry constantly about the problem and that just compounds the issue. I accept that there need to be further investigations but would appreciate any input anyone may have.

Many thanks

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Posted 27 Nov 2021 at 13:39

Hi Andy,

I can't help much. All I can say is that prostate cancer has very few symptoms, restricted flow being about as much as anyone will notice, until it has spread into other parts of the body in which case the pain is there rather than anywhere near the prostate. With the previous low PSA and symptoms being in and near your prostate, do not worry about this being prostate cancer.

I can't advice on antibiotics. I know the prostate is very hard to treat with antibiotics and ciprofloxacin is one of the few antibiotics which can get into the prostate to do it's job.I had one dose of cipro before a biopsy and had minor tendon problems afterwards.

I am sure they will get this sorted, but if you do end up needing a catheter whilst they are trying to sort it out then read my poster about half way down this thread on self catherisation





Posted 27 Nov 2021 at 16:42
Hopefully Andy62 will come along and explain about the importance of prostate massage in persistent prostatitis cases.
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Posted 27 Nov 2021 at 22:13

Hi Andy,

Can I suggest you join us at The FOPS (Chorleywood Prostate Support Group) on Zoom on Wednesday, where you can ask our consultant urologists. Prostatitis comes up quite a bit in our Q&A sessions. I just updated The FOPS thread. Unfortunately our prostatitis specialist won't be there this month, but the other consultant urologists can probably help you.

As has been said before, when you get an infection in the prostate, it can end up blocking itself off so that no infection is found in urine or semen samples, only in expressed prostatic fluid obtained by prostate massage by a urologist specialising in prostatitis. This sometimes has to be done under general anesthetic because it can be too painful otherwise. This sample can then be cross-checked against a range of antibiotics to find one that it's sensitive to (as opposed to resistant to). Further massage while on the antibiotic can help it work - it is notoriously difficult to get antibiotics into the prostate and only a limited number can get in.

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Posted 28 Nov 2021 at 09:57

Thank you for that info Andy and the invite to the zoom meeting. I will see if I can jiggle one or two things and hopefully join.

Prostate issues are completely new to me and I’m quickly learning how complex and difficult they can be to overcome. I’m very grateful for everyone’s input and am some what more relaxed about my position having found this resource.



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