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Story to date of my cancer and procedures

Posted 14 Dec 2021 at 14:15

My story - updated Dec 2021.
After a long wait of my own doing due to my partner's own inoperable cancer (not prostate) last year as I was the carer in a difficult time of COVID too.

I am 63, 'fit', retired. 
13 years ago had PSA showing 17. Had a "medieval" local anaesthetic biopsy of the prostate. Evil guy did it and no one cared less what was happening after!!!!! Long story short - turns out was cleared of prostate cancer!!!! Go figure. Went through pain and humiliation for a while!!!

Get to sixty years old and it all starts again with PSA results coming back as 12 - 14.
January 2021 MRI. result problem found the right side of prostate
Feb 2021 had the just as medieval procedure transperineal ultrasonic guided biopsy.  Result Gleason 3+3 enclosed right side!
Was put on active surveillance regular PSA until it was necessary to discuss with the consultant for template guided biopsy under general anaesthetic. That was in mid-September 2021. Result Gleason 3+4. 
During October I had a consultant appt. and discussed the issues and options and his suggestion and then discussed with a nurse too at length, went away, given two weeks to decide on Robotic RP or the hormone and the radiotherapy.
Over the weekend I had decided to have the RP. The best option, for me, and the other option was going to be a long wait.
End November 2021 had the robotic RP. less than two hours in theatre and was home next day by teatime.
Som pain when I was in the hospital. The hospital staff was excellent all the way thru. I walked out of the hospital! (They couldn't find a wheelchair).
Nine days later had the catheter removed.
Currently, I wear pads to retain any dribbles and they do happen mostly daytime - not overnight so far :-) I am keeping a urine diary - early days but looking good.

Slow output, too. 
Consultant appt. yet to be set for histology - tho expect sometime in January 2022.


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