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Constant thoughts about Sex

Posted 03 Jan 2022 at 17:36

I've not been on here for quite some time now and hope that maybe someone can help me with my dilemma?

Ive used all the things that help you get an erection. Pump but don't get on with it but gives me a small hardon enough to masterbate. Injection worked up until i got peronies disease, now i get a short bent hardon. Viagra no success. 

But now after 2 years 7 months every morning i wake i instantly think about sex and snuggle up to my wife but don't touch unless she invites me to. The sad thing is she would let me touch her any where and any time not because she wants to but just to please me.

Most men would think this is great but it's not! I'll be 70 in March and people say i look more in my 50s than 70 , slim and fit without a grey hair on my head not that i tell them how old I really am.

It's not like we had sex all the time before the Op maybe once a fortnight or longer. But now I'm like i was when a teenager and it's driving me insane!!

I love my wife more than anything and she me but you'd think she would be fed up with being constantly groped but says nothing.

Is there a cure for my sex addiction? I just want a quite happy retirement with maybe the odd attempt at a bonk,not constantly being a sex pest!

It's not like my penis is even the same size it was before the Op it's about 2 inch shorter and now i have a foreskin which seams odd when you consider i was circumcised at the age of 4.

My wife said i should be greatfull to be a survivor of cancer but mentally it's so hard to accept my predicament and I'm constantly depressed and full of suicidal thoughts, I wonder if i should have had treatment not the Op all the time.

Any advice on this will be great fully received.



Posted 04 Jan 2022 at 08:06
Get an implant? Talk to your wife?
Posted 04 Jan 2022 at 09:31

I think you might benefit from getting some psychosexual conselling. This is not necessarily to tone down your sex drive, but to give you and your wife some ideas on how to make the best use of it. If you are still in touch with your urology consultant or nurses, ask via them. Otherwise ask via your GP.

It might also be worth getting a referral to urology to get the peyronies looked at. Sometimes a pump can help with resolving peyronies providing there aren't substantial plaques (not used for sex, but for penile rehab without a constriction ring) and might help a bit with length too. There are special straightening tubes which can be added to the SOMAerect Response II, although it can work without those.

Posted 04 Jan 2022 at 22:58


For your reply.

Posted 05 Jan 2022 at 00:09

I don't think that you have a sex addiction - it seems to me that it is fairly common to constantly yearn for the thing you can't have. Andy has suggested psychosexual counselling but perhaps the starting point should be your GP? The best help you can get is if your wife and GP know how low and desperate you are feeling.

You don't say whether you have ever been referred to an erectile dysfunction nurse or andrology clinic - has your GP just been trying to help you with ED medications and the Peyronie's issue?

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"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

Posted 05 Jan 2022 at 07:50
GP really?? No real concept of a GP in Wales!
Posted 16 Jan 2022 at 12:39

just checking - are you, or have you been, on prostap (or similar)?

I was on prostap for over three years, but now that I've been off it for 7/8 months I'm getting lots of sexualised thoughts, and spontaneous 'semis'. This, I assume, is down to the re-supply of testosterone to my system. Like you, the length isn't there, neither is the stamina, but there is definitely life in the old dog again. My OH is very supportive, but she's out of practice too, so we're fumbling a bit at the moment. However since becoming aware that the life is there, comparing the state of my viagra-assisted erection a month ago with yesterday's spontaneous viagra-less effort, things are getting much better, as I presume my testosterone levels are increasing.

I think with the reintroduction of testosterone I'm actually going through something equating to teenage years, when like most boys I got pretty well obsessed with it. While I was on prostap I barely ever thought about sex at all, it simply never crossed my mind, except in jokes/humour.

Hope you can get things sorted out happily. Like my recent experience, it may be a testosterone issue.

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