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Posted 03 Feb 2022 at 15:28

I have been offered inclusion on a trial of Apulatamide (recently approved by NICE) as my PSA results have started to increase despite regular 12 week hormone injections.

However, having looked at the common and potential side effects, I am really quite anxious about proceeding!

If anyone on the forum is partaking in this trial and has experience of this drug, please can you offer any advice - positive or negative?


Dave E

Posted 03 Feb 2022 at 18:56
The side effects are very similar for apalutimide, enzalutimide and abiraterone, one of which you are going to need regardless. The research data on the effectiveness of apalutimide is really exciting so I would snap their hand off!
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Posted 03 Feb 2022 at 21:49


My oncologist has suggested that I might be put on Apalutamide as my next line of treatment.  I would be very happy if I would be allowed to do have this. 


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