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PATCH Trial Focus Group Opportunity

Posted 22 Mar 2022 at 14:42

Are you living with or have had prostate cancer and have been treated with androgen deprivation therapy? Our researchers need your help! 

The research: Professor Langley at University College London is currently running the PATCH trial testing whether using a patch which releases hormones to reduce testosterone is as effective as standard anti-hormone injections.

What they want from you: The researchers are looking to hold an online focus group (up to 90 minutes) on 25th April 10-11:30am. As someone who has been treated with androgen deprivation therapy, they want your help to understand if men were given the choice between patches or standard anti-hormone injections which factors would be most important to them. You will be given an honorarium of £25 for your time.

Why it’s important: Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is probably the most common treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer. It is generally given as regular injections that reduce the amount of testosterone made in the body. As treatment for advanced prostate cancer improves, men are being treated with ADT for many years. We know that ADT can cause many potential side-effects. Some of the side-effects of the patch treatment as part of the PATCH trial are similar to the injections, but overall, it seems the patches have less side-effects.  They want to know how men feel about the different side-effects of each treatment, and whether these would affect which treatment you would choose if you had the choice. 

Interested in getting involved? If you are interested in taking part on 25th April or would like more information, please contact Kate Sturgeon k.sturgeon@ucl.ac.uk, with your name and contact details before 12th April.



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