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Travel Insurance Minefield

Posted 02 Aug 2022 at 17:44

Been trying to get Travel Insurance…we have a place in Fuerteventura which we go back and forward to regularly so was really looking for a multi trip policy.
Went along to my local insurance broker who was very helpful but I don’t understand the way these insurance companies work? AllCLear quoted £1600+ for an annual policy but it was the same price for a single trip policy…very strange. Also they see T3B (locally advanced spread to the Seminal Vesicles) as ‘Spread to other parts of the Body’ whereas T3C is a specific option which would give you a quote around a third of the price!

looking at Just Travel and Saga they have a question

’Has the cancer spread to anywhere else in the body except the prostate and Seminal vesicles’

if you say No(as in my case) they will give you a reasonable quote(single trip) but if you say Yes( as in T3C) they won’t even cover you.

so it appears that some companies regard T3B as more serious than T3C and some the other way round. Are there any insurance companies where you can just specify your type (eg T3BN0M0) and get an accurate quote? It would seem a much better way of doing it.

so, I have taken out a single trip policy at a cost of £125 for 3 weeks. I really did think about just excluding PC from my existing RBS platinum policy where  ‘Computer said no’ and not taking out additional insurance, as if anything takes a turn for the worse I can easily get a flight back to UK at a days notice…May do that in the future. We also have the fallback of the EHIC or GHIC card which will get you treatment should you need it…I’ve used it before without problem even after Brexit.

Why is it so difficult and expensive? I don’t even need cancellation cover as my flights usually cost pennies(good old Ryanair) and can just right off the cost.



Posted 02 Aug 2022 at 18:02

That is a computer doesn't know what it is doing problem. I would just exclude Prostate Cancer, this disease doesn't spring any surprises until it has become quite advanced.


Posted 02 Aug 2022 at 18:35
It’s a minefield that can drive you insane as I very well know. If you are N0 and M0 you should easily be able to get insurance. I was fine when I was T4 N1 M0. No probs at all. As soon as I had spread to bone things got very difficult indeed. I used ‘ insurancewith.com’ and spoke to a human. Since I’ve recently had scans showing all is under control with HT I’ve managed to get very sensible quotes. Without the scans no-one would insure me at all. Persevere and try them. You haven’t got distant spread yet 👍👍
Posted 23 Sep 2022 at 17:01

I've just spent the day trying to get travel insurance.  One quote was £9000.  Most said 'sorry'.  Thanks for the tip about insurancewith.com.  They did insure me. Phew!

Posted 23 Sep 2022 at 17:27
They’ve been epic and even refunded me instantly when I had to cancel a recent cruise because I caught Covid for the first time. I wasn’t ill in the slightest thank the lord. But word of warning …. Cruise ships are riddled with Covid. They accepting unvaccinated guests and allowing unsupervised testing which allows cheating. I did the right thing and didn’t go. A friend of mine was on the cruise and said 5 people had to be helicoptered off in one hit. Needed an army helicopter off Spain. Your looking at £50k for that so it’s vital you’re honest with the insurers
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