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Cancer’s got a lot of nerve…

Posted 18 Aug 2022 at 10:01

The community might be interested in this article discussing the spread of prostate (and other) cancers via the nervous system.…



Posted 18 Aug 2022 at 22:54

Thanks interesting read.


Posted 19 Aug 2022 at 01:14

I remember when rereading my post prostatectomy histology report. First read through I mainly noticed the upgrade from G7 to G9. Hmmmm not good. Then rereading a bit more closely later on I also noticed the phrases 'perineural invasion present' and 'lymphovascular invasion present'. The surgeon hadn't commented on those points but I thought, Hmmmm they don't sound good either. 

So I researched a bit and was prepared for recurrence events that followed.



Posted 19 Aug 2022 at 01:38
But assuming this is correct, does it help with the way PCa is treated?
Posted 19 Aug 2022 at 07:41

Interesting that some lines of thinking, nervous system in this case, are still limited by the conventions established by Grey's Anatomy, which has been around forever. I'm reminded of the discovery that stomach ulsers are caused by Heliobacter Pylori and treatment with an antibiotic could bring an instant cure to a painful disease that killed quite a few people.

Maybe some Dr will see a path to a fantastic new treatment for PCa based on this probably overdue, idea to consider nerves in the equation.

Thanks Chippers,


Posted 05 Sep 2022 at 20:14

I wonder where does that leave "nerve-sparing" prostatectomy?!

Posted 05 Sep 2022 at 21:34
That's why some men are advised that nerve sparing is not appropriate, or that they will only be able to have partial nerve sparing, and the reason that the RP consent slip allows for the surgeon to remove all nerves if s/he gets in there and decides that is necessary. A surgeon won't guarantee that nerve-sparing will happen and the couple of old members here who had nerve-sparing against medical advice did not have good outcomes.
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